Blogging Announcements

Blogging Announcements

IMG_5475Once again this year in blogging has started out less consistent  than I had hoped it to be. I have my reasons…

Still, this does not keep me from having some projects for this blog.

First of all, on Sunday I am starting something completely new…

There will be an interview with an author!

Up until now I have not interviewed any authors, I have in the past done interviews with musicians and with ambassadors, central bankers and European civil servants. I also had the opportunity to be present at an interview with a German politician back in 2005 when I was doing an internship at the Economist in Germany. So I am now getting back into something I really enjoy doing.

I hope that this interview will be the first of many! I also want to do features on blogs and places on the internet that I enjoy.

On the 12th of March my blog will turn two. As March has a big event in store for my family, I am not sure that I will be spending a lot of time online. But I am hoping to put up some posts linking back to the posts that I have cherished most in my two years on WordPress.

Then if I can manage to prepare my posts I will be participating in this year’s edition of the A to Z Challenge. It is going to be a bit more complicated than it was last year though, as I am not sure that I will be able to provide links to my posts on a daily basis. But some of my posts are already written (on paper).

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A List Of Smiles #WeeklySmile

pink roses I am a natural smiler. That means I smile all the time. When I was a teen living in the US, about to move to France, I was advised not to smile in public in Paris, that this would be dangerous for me. Well, it might be dangerous if you cast sexy smiles at strange men, but generally a smile will be greeted with a smile even in France.

Now, I live in Paris, and it is true that there are many people who lack the smiling face. I suppose some are not all that happy, others just aren’t smilers but are still happy, and there are those that show their true emotions, after all so many people do try to hide behind a smile. Continue reading “A List Of Smiles #WeeklySmile”

If we were having coffee – 7 November 2015

It’s once again a weekend! Even though it felt as though the week was long and full of events, it now feels like is whooshed by in no time.

If we were having coffee, well then I would have to deceive you and propose you some tea, orange juice, water or milk, I can even make you a hot chocolate if you wish. There just won’t be any coffee. I won’t be abel to have you over for long, S came back from London last night. So once he gets home from work I won’t linger on the computer very much.

If we were having coffee tea, I would ask you how you are doing. How are you? Are you enjoying fall/autumn (never know who could be visiting 😉, now do I?)? If you write, are you participating in NaNoWriMo? If you have a blog, are you participating in NaNoWriMo, I prefer NanoPoblano? Have you been spending quality time with your family, friends, loved one? What are your projects for the weekend?

A girl lost in Time - Solveig Werner, working title, NaNoWriMo If we were having coffee, then I’d probably tell you how glad I am that S is back, being a single parent is hard, and I am happy that I am not actually a single parent. I would tell you that I spend a lot of time with my mother. I spend a lot of time with my parents this week, who had a very good friend over. I would tell you that I have been crazy enough to sign up for both NaNoWriMo (find me under SolveigJW) and NanoPoblano.I am a bit short of yesterdays writing goal, and am not sure how much I will get one this weekend. My story has been unfolding nicely, and I even found a cover image, a photo I took the other day which does fit perfectly with my story. It is the photo of a sculpture by Seward Johnson.

I made a new friend the other day whilst in the park, a girl who is also participating in NaNoWriMo and it was definitely nice to have a chat.

This week, I wrote on various topics on my blog. On Sunday, I published a list on why writing in a notebook is great, and that post just seemed to be loved, the disadvantages will be up tomorrow. Then on Wednesday I wrote about what I have been observing lately regarding young graduates and the job market, and it seems that this post has struck a chord with many people, most comments are the length of a blogpost…

If we were having coffee, you would probably want to know about my plans for the days to come. Now what are my plans? Well it does look like a lovely day, so we’ll be outside a bit. I am going to enjoy some good tea with S and little one. I want to discover some new parts of Paris to share here, maybe not this weekend, maybe during the week. Maybe I’ll try to see a few friends in the weeks to come. I will work on my novel, and on my blog. I already have a plan for December and November is just 7 days old…

This coming Wednesday I will be doing my second guest post! Gulara Vincent is having me over to share the reasons why I write. I do recommend that you check out her very inspiring blog. In September I did my very first guest post over at Confessions of a Broccoli Addict where I shared a memory of my grandmother and a love for a poem.

Thank you so much for joining me for our little chat. Make sure you go over to Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster, she hosts this weekly linkup, checkout her coffee post and then check out the other coffee shares, if you have your own join the linky with yours!

Have a great weekend, and a good week to come!

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If we were having coffee – 12 September 2015

If we were having coffee, then I would greet you with a big smile.
Come in! Sit! I am so excited to have you here today!

But before I tell you why I am jumping up and down, how are you? What have you been up to since last time you joined me for a drink. Sorry, still no coffee here (but that does not mean that you have to leave now). What about a nice hot chocolate? I’ll even add some vanilla.

After I have asked you a ton of questions, you’d probably want to know what I have been up to this week, an of course what the big news is.

So, this week I went back to work, and I really enjoyed it. I went to the new park not far from here, the Martin Luther King Parc, took a lot of pictures, that way I can decorate my future article about it.
On Thursday afternoon, little one started to sneeze, and the situation deteriorated quickly in a night marked by a big fever. But nothing could wipe the smile of her face.
I have managed to blog quite a bit this week, but none of my other writing projects have advanced in a long time now. Yesterday I posted a list of some of my favourite blogs.

And now to the news, my blog is celebrating it’s 6 month anniversary!!! The first post went up on the 12th of March 2015! Since then so many things have happened, I now have almost 200 followers, and almost 100 posts (this is number 97). A few weeks ago, an author, who I could find no where on the internet, wrote me an email, thanking me for the review I had posted here.  In order to celebrate these 0.5 years of my blog, and because I have been asked where I can be found… I have decided to set up a twitter account. You can now find me as @SolveigJW
When my blog started out, I did not have a lot of followers, and there are some posts that I would love to share with you. Such as this one about an artist we met on a walk.

In order to make navigation easier, now that I am no longer a novice, I am trying to reorganise my menu/categories/tags, meaning that things might be a bit messy and harder to find over the next few days. I also want to try to establish something that resembles a schedule, on Mondays there will be a photo with its story, on Tuesday I’ll try to join #BlogBattle, on Fridays it’s book review day, on Saturdays it’s Weekend Coffee Share. I’d love to do a regular (maybe monthly feature) of having authors for interviews, I really enjoy doing interviews and have not done any in ages.

If all of this wasn’t enough, I have another reason to celebrate. On Monday I will be doing my first ever guest post. Ula is kindly having me on her blog Confessions of a Broccoli Addict as part of her Monday Inspirations Series. I am so exited!

Now it’s time for you to leave, and head over to Diana’s Blog Part-Time Monster, check out the Coffee Share Linky, join in with your own post and read those of the others. As it is raining I hope you have equipped yourself with an umbrella, if not, I will lend you one. And if you were wondering, the badge on top of the post, well it is kindly provided by Part-Time Monster.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for joining me for coffee (hot chocolate?), Solveig

© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.

If we were having coffee – 27 June 2015

How are you doing? Are you celebrating?

If we were having coffee, well then I guess you would be joining me for my morning tea. Little one is still asleep, S. is about to start work, my neighbours are moving out, so it is not as quiet as it could be.

If you are stopping by for tea, and if you are from the US, then we would so likely talk about the new progress in therms of marriage rights (I started my coffee post before, and then realised that it was turning into a post just about the subject of marriage rights, so that will hopefully be a standalone post). I see that WP is spotting rainbow colours…

I would ask you how you have been, what your plans are for your weekend and week to come, how your past week was. Did you do anything blogging wise that I should check out?

I would tell you that last week, just after my coffee share went up, well I passed the 100th follower mark!!! With all the positive comments I have been receiving lately, I am realising that I might have some writing potential somewhere. So thank you all!

I have been busy reading feminist Friday posts, I guess that I am some sort of feminist… and now I have the feeling that there is a post wanting to come to the surface of my mind and get published on that topic too. The feminist Friday posts, my personal readings, changes in my everyday life and some blogs that I have started following, have started to get my brain thinking about so many things.

If we were having coffee, then I would tell you that I didn’t post as much as I would have liked, but that I am quite happy with what I posted. On Tuesday, I posted a long short story, which I do hope you will check out. I joined the love-hate challenge on Wednesday, and shared some vacation pictures on Thursday. I didn’t have the courage to post a book review/recommendation yesterday, instead I spend time with my family and did a lot of reading on other blogs. So I would like to recommend Gulara’s blog to you, which I only recently discovered, but enjoy very much. In real life I have spend a lot of time with my mom, have been running some errants. Nothing special really.

For the weekend I have planned to not get a heat stroke (I am a bit fragile when it comes to heat), to spend time with my family, my grandmother is visiting my parents at the moment, so I’ll be there a lot. S. is sadly working tomorrow (and this weekend looks like a special summer weekend seen the heat), one of his 5 Sundays of the year.

Next week I’ll start working again, one of my students needs exam preparation, now that all his written exams are behind him. So that will start on Monday, and will be I guess on a daily basis during the week to come. On Tuesday I have been asked to come to an interview with a company that does teaching, I guess they are searching for a German instructor, so I’ll see were that goes. I am trying to work as much as possible from home, as it is what I can organise the easiest.

One day, I’ll have to figure out how to do online teaching. Or at least have some students via Skype, hey the internet is there to not be geographically bound, professionally. Have a great weekend!

Are you going to join the Weekend Coffee share this weekend? It is hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster, go over to her site to check out other coffee sharers/join the linky.

Thanks for joining me for tea, Solveig

Ps here is a picture (hosted on flickr) of Little One’s and my shoes, I love pink and she seems to like it too. I never meant to expressly dress her in pink, but it is a colour that does suit her well. (I will have to tell you a bit more about her habits too I guess). Our shoes are different brands, mine are Victoria, but I am sure they are made in the same factory. You now the soles smell of cherries!!! And you can get them in all colours. Mine were bought on Amazon, while I got little one’s at an amazing little shoe shop for kids around the corner.

our shoes, when they were still clean and new

If we were having coffee – 20 June 2015

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I am a bit tired at the moment. My friend F. just left, we had lunch together and went to the park Monceau after that. Now little one is asleep and I finally have a moment to have you share a drink with me.

If we were having coffee, I’d propose some water, or some sirup, I’ve got organic apple pomegranate sirup or cola sirup. Or well if you want some milk I have that too.

How have you been? I haven’t joined in a weekend coffee share in a month now, last one was on the 23rd of May… can you believe that? I am hoping to have you over a bit more regularly in the months to come. Is there anything that I missed on your blog? I have only been back since Monday…

How has your week been? Mine was quite calm, I only worked once since coming back from vacation (no I did not leave on a 3 week holiday, just didn’t blog for 3 weeks) and that was last weekend. This week most of my students have exams, and then once July starts the holidays kick off too. I do hope that I’ll get some new students over the summer break.

Blogging wise I’ve had a fun week, there were quite a few writing challenges and short stories. Yesterday I put up a book review of a book that I read over my holidays. I have also read some great blog entries, and have tried to let the authors know as much as possible that I enjoyed their writing. I signed up for the Summer Reading & Writing Program hosted by Nerd in the Brain, but have not really started yet. I will hopefully do so soon?

What are your plans for the week to come? Do you have anything special in the works for midsummer night / longest day of the year / first day of summer tomorrow? I have nothing special planned yet, but if I can finish it today, I’ll post my entry to this weeks writing challenge hosted by Ula @ the Confessions of a Broccoli Addict, the theme is Picnic, which definitely suits the seasons of this weekend. I think that I might also share some vacation memories and maybe even a recipe. Then of course I should try to squeeze in a book review on Friday, and would like to join Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie too. I have been tagged in the love/hate challenge and should take care of that too. But for now nothing is set in stone, but it might be a busy week ahead, at least when it comes to blogging.

Would you like to join others for coffee? Then head on over to Diana who hosts the weekend coffee share on her blog, Part Time Monster every Saturday. Check out her post and the link up to see what others have been up to.

Have a great weekend, and a great week to come, Solveig

Some photos I took during my trip to the south of France (hosted on flickr)

Hand picked cherries form the garden

I am in trouble

It seems that I am in trouble.

Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, S. told me off for not writing lately, and he’s not been happy about the fact that I have been neglecting my blog. I have been doing so, yes I have neglected writing and blogging a lot lately. I have tried to read some other blogs, but I have been bad on the commenting side of things, but hopefully now I will be back with all my might.

Initially, I had planned to take a 2 week break from blogging. S. had a total of 2 weeks off from work, and we’ve been to the South of France on a great holiday for 10 days (more on that soon, I hope). During that time I had planned not to do much blogging, I did some reading (I read a book by a fellow blogger, review will be up soon).

But things came differently than I had originally planned, I spend 3 weeks away from blogging!! 3 whole weeks, I tried to comment and read other blogs during that time, but I didn’t manage to write anything myself. Life happened, and sometimes life changes around one’s priorities, and in my case the news I received prior to my holiday suffocated my inspiration and slowed my creative flow. But not only life happened, in the last two weeks of May I was quite busy with my German teaching, but in my case work cannot be an excuse for not blogging and not even writing a single line in my notebook…

So I am in trouble. And that mostly with myself, because not blogging is one thing, but not writing at all is another. S. has told me to get back to writing as he sees that I am more balanced when I do write, and that it does a lot of good for me. I think he is right, the days I write are genuinely good days, on which I am happy with myself, they are the days that have endless horizons and are full of future possibilities and projects, especially if I have received positive feedback from my readers.

Today is a strange day, for two weeks I have spend everyday with S. and little one, and today S. is back to work. He’s working his 10 hour day of the week from 9am to 8pm today, so we will not be seeing him much. I have no lessons scheduled for today, or for this week, and my parent’s aren’t around either. Which leaves me a whole day to write, write and guess what? Write! Besides writing I’ll buy onions, check my parent’s mail and water their plants, go for a walk with little one and visit and comment on other blogs. But today’s priority is writing.

Thanks for stopping by, Solveig

My first award and my recent achievements

real-neat-blog-awardYesterday Melissa Barker-Simpson nominated me for my fist ever blogging award, the Real Neat Blog Award. And guess what, I am flattered to be considered for an award. Melissa, thank you so much!

As it seems to be the tradition with awards, she has asked all of her nominees a few questions, so I will try my best at answering them.

1. What is the #1 most played song on your iPod (or other listening device)?

This one is embarrassing, I have not been listening to music much in such a long time, and that as a former head of music. My computer is quite new, so I have only a very low listening count. So at the moment it is the EP “Hot Toast” by Beath Jeans Houghton and the Album “Declaration of Independence” by Kings of Convenience that are neck to neck in the running.

At the moment I really feel like listening to “Laughing with” by Regina Spector, which is such a beautiful song!

2. What is one of your favourite quotes?

One of my favorite quotes is this one from the Little Prince by Saint-Expupéry “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

3. If you were immortal for one day, what would you do?

That’s a tough question, I think I would dive into the deepest depths of the oceans and have a look at the life there.

4. What’s the most recent movie/book you’ve seen/read? Tell us about it.

The most recent book I read was “Der Spaziergang von Rostock nach Syrakus” I wrote a review, in German, about it only last week. It is about a man, who is longing to visit Syrakus in Italy, but he has a major problem, he lives in East Germany and has no right to travel. The book is all about how he prepares his trip. He spend 7 years preparing his excursion, as he wants to go back home afterwards. He encounters a lot of difficulties and always manages somehow.

5. What have you always wanted to study (but never had the time)?

I think that I should try to get myself back into learning Polish. I think that I had the time in the last few years, but I did not use it correctly.


And now I would like to nominate a few bloggers for this award, you should definitely have a look at their blogs.

Trista at All But the Kitchen Sink, Lrod, Ula at Confessions of a Broccoli Addict, S.D. Gates, and Christina at the Wordy Rose.

Now dear nominees here are a few questions for you (feel free to accept and answer or not) .

1. As a child what did you want to become? (princess is an acceptable answer)

2. What piece of your own writing are you most proud of?

3. If you were an animal what would you be, and why?

4. If you were stranded on a lonely island (there will be food and drink there) what/who would you take with you (3 things at the most)?

5. Is there some advice that you would like to share?


As for my recent achievements:

  • 2 months ago today, my first blog post went up.
  • I am still a bit short of my 50th post.
  • During April I participated in my fist major blogging challenge, the A to Z Challenge.
  • I have passed the 70 followers mark, I would like to thank each and every one for that a lot. I know that I have been a bit short of time to stop by all of your blogs and say thanks.
  • I just received my first award (see above).
  • Trying to establish something of a weekly pattern, on Fridays it is book reviews/recommendations, on Saturdays it is the weekend coffee share, and on Sundays it’s a short story.

Thank you all, Solveig

My first A to Z Challenge – Reflections Post

April is over, 30 days that went by in a flash!

There is more than one reason for that: April was a beautiful month, we had summer weather most of the time. | During April I worked quite a bit more than in the previous months. | And of course there was the A to Z Challenge

I had so much fun with the A to Z Challenge, I signed up when my blog was not even two weeks old. Before I did sign up, I made sure that I would have some things to write about, because I did not want to commit and then give up in the process. It was like signing a contractual agreement. I managed to put up a post for each letter of the alphabet, and on the correct day, but some posts exceed my self set limit of 250 words (but this was sometimes necessary).

I think that I visited a lot of blogs, but I should have done more, but I have had a busier month than usual, and well a great family to spend time with too. Thus in May I will continue browsing through the A to Z blogs, who knows I might find some great hidden gems.

It wasn’t always easy to come up with a word and a good post, but seen your feedback, I do guess that I did quite well most of the time. The funny thing is some of the best posts were actually the ones I struggled most with (the inspiration wasn’t there, or the writing flow didn’t start), and then ended up writing in the half and hour between doing the dishes and cooking dinner, (I tried to have my posts ready a day in advance where possible, as I hate doing things like that last minute).

What did I get out of A to Z?

  • The discovery of some amazing writers and bloggers.
  • I have discovered that I can write, at least that’s what the positive and encouraging feedback shows me.
  • I have some great projects for the future, some stories that started in April are begging to be continued, and why not start writing a novel?
  • I have gained in confidence in my capacity to write and to be creative
  • Writing during the whole month of April has done a lot of good.
  • I have established a great blogging community!
  • Now I can proudly display my A to Z survivor badge in the sidebar 🙂

Thank you all for reading, liking, commenting, following, recommending my blog! Thank you to the hosts of A to Z for making this possible! And providing all of the A to Z related badges.

How have you enjoyed A to Z? Did you participate? What were your hardest letters to cope with? Which of my A to Z posts is your favourite? Are there other challenges that are worth joining?

If you haven’t done so yet, have a look at my A to Z posts.

Written by Solveig Werner

Halfway Into the A to Z Challenge – Inspirational Insomnia – Thank You All

Wow, I cannot believe it! We are already half way through the A to Z Challenge, and up to now I have managed to post every day. Today’s post is ready to go, but before that I want to give you a recap post on the challenge.

I just woke up froFlower2SolveigWernerm a very short night, I was plagued by inspirational insomnia (I think that I was influenced by this post on motivation on All But The Kitchen Sink by Trista, who has thanks to her encouraging comments been a great motivation for me), it is horrible, I guess many of you have come to experienced at one moment or another. I just kept coming up with what to write for the letters to come, O, R, T are now written in my mind, meaning that today I will have to write them all up in order not to forget. I have my P, V, and W posts all lined up already, S is written in my notebook, and I do suppose that I will come up with something for the remaining letters, maybe some last minute flash fiction.

My blog is now a little over a month old, my first post went up on the 12th of March, and the A to Z Challenge has done so much good! I have the feeling to have found a good balance, now that I am writing. Thank you all for being there with me, and encouraging me to continue being creative.

Now with your questions and compliments I am seriously thinking about starting into a fun novel writing adventure. Maybe the fact that I am following Sarah Wathen, who just published her first novel on Monday (congratulations!!!), or that I have stumbled upon Elodie Nowodazij’s self publishing tips, has influenced this new idea.

  • This blog has passed the 25 follower Flower-SolveigWernermark, thank you all!
  • And the symbolic threshold of 100 likes.
  • Up to now “G is for Girl” has received the most comments.
  • Up to now “J is for Jump” has received the most likes.

Besides starting to build a great blogging community, I have also started to learn things about blogging in general. One great blog to learn about the dos and don’ts of blogging is Serins Sphere, but also my new blogging friend Lrod has shared some useful tips on blogging here. I did not realise, when going into this whole new adventure, that commenting was such an important part of blogging.

And now some questions for you:

  • Does it bother you if I post more than once a day? I do not wish to clutter anyones mailbox or wp reader… I am sorry if it does annoy you, today will be a 2 post day.
  • Will you come back, even after the A to Z Challenge is over? I guess we all worry about this one a bit.
  • Have you experienced inspirational insomnia?
  • If you are participating in the A to Z Challenge, how is it going for you?
  • Have you developed the habit to comment on other bloggers posts?

I am looking forward to your answers 🙂

Text and pictures by Solveig Werner