A List Of Smiles #WeeklySmile

pink roses I am a natural smiler. That means I smile all the time. When I was a teen living in the US, about to move to France, I was advised not to smile in public in Paris, that this would be dangerous for me. Well, it might be dangerous if you cast sexy smiles at strange men, but generally a smile will be greeted with a smile even in France.

Now, I live in Paris, and it is true that there are many people who lack the smiling face. I suppose some are not all that happy, others just aren’t smilers but are still happy, and there are those that show their true emotions, after all so many people do try to hide behind a smile. Continue reading “A List Of Smiles #WeeklySmile”

If we were having coffee – 7 November 2015

It’s once again a weekend! Even though it felt as though the week was long and full of events, it now feels like is whooshed by in no time. If we were having coffee, well then I would have to deceive you and propose you some tea, orange juice, water or milk, I can even make you a hot chocolate if you wish. There just … Continue reading If we were having coffee – 7 November 2015