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pink roses I am a natural smiler. That means I smile all the time. When I was a teen living in the US, about to move to France, I was advised not to smile in public in Paris, that this would be dangerous for me. Well, it might be dangerous if you cast sexy smiles at strange men, but generally a smile will be greeted with a smile even in France.

Now, I live in Paris, and it is true that there are many people who lack the smiling face. I suppose some are not all that happy, others just aren’t smilers but are still happy, and there are those that show their true emotions, after all so many people do try to hide behind a smile.

This week many things have made my constant smile (I am not hiding behind it) grow a bit wider. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

Strangers. As I am someone who smiles a lot, people in the street smile back at me, give me a nod, or sometimes even say “Bonjour”. Some people go a bit further, there is for example a security guard at an embassy who always asks me how I am doing, he calls out “ça va” once I am in his earshot. There are the people who stop to smile at little one and comment on her scooter. Often times these strangers talk to us as though we have always known one another, it sure is a nice thing in such a big city. Then there is our butcher, another stranger, but one who I talk to quite often, so a bit less of a stranger, not that I am a big meat eater, but we buy our eggs there too. He always tries to get a smile from little one, it does not work all the time, but when it does it makes my smile grow a bit more too. It sometimes really feels like a village.

Enthusiastic Students. This week I had the pleasure of working with an ever smiling student, motivated to learn more. It was a sort of bonus smile. But she was not the only one, another one of my students showed much more engagement and enthusiasm than usually, it made me smile a bit more, and work felt less like work and more like fun.

These two posts made me smile too: Gulara sharing some motherhood anecdotes, as did Rowena. Maybe these posts will make you smile too.

My blog. I did not post during 3 whole days this week!!!! And I am smiling about that? Well not about that, but about the fact that even though I have been a bit more absent my blog is now starting to have a life on it’s own. The dip in views on those days was not too bad. (Yes, I am a stats nerd…) It also looks as though I am approaching my unofficial goal of getting the 1000views/month either by today or tomorrow. (Again, I am a bit of a stats nerd, sorry).

A guest post. I am doing my 3rd guest post on Monday, and the first one of this year, I’ll be sharing my New Year’s resolutions on Melanie’s blog.

An email by a friend. I replied to a friend’s New Year’s greeting and well he wrote back all excited about finding my blog, I had included a link to my blog in my signature.

I have also been smiling about the success of this beautiful new series #weeklysmile I do think that Trent’s brainchild has a lot of potential. You should join in too, it’s a weekly linkup that runs from Wednesday till Wednesday and an occasion to share some smiles. Here is this weeks post. Even if it was a week with a lot of bad news, you might want to join with your smile, or start smiling through the reading of the other posts.

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