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I have been stuck for the letter Ii, but why not do a post on idioms? I won’t do French ones because that’s already done by Evelyn Holing, I will do some German ones today.

  • Sich aus dem Fenster lehnen. – To lean out of the window. Used to describe that you have promised more than you can do, commit to.
  • Räuberpistolen erzählen. – To tell robbers’ pistols. Used to say that someone is telling lies.
  • Affentheater – Monkey theater. To say that there is too much for nothing. Kids do this a lot, when they throw a tantrum for no real reason…
  • Bahnhof verstehen. – To understand train station. You understand nothing.

Do you have any favourite German idioms?

Was sind Deine lieblings Idiome?

Written by Solveig Werner