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My first year living in the U.S. we read a book in school entitled “Homesick”. I just remember that it was about a girl who spend a lot of her childhood in China, she was always longing to go home to her country of origin, we thought that she was homesick for her country of origin, but actually it was the other way around. As an adult looking back at her childhood, she had grown homesick for China.

But what is home? I read this book when I was far away from my previous home in Germany. But slowly I started liking my new home in the States. When I moved to France I took to the home there too. England, Poland and then France again.

I always managed to feel at home quickly, even if it is often hard in the beginning, depending on the apartment, the location and other things.

If I feel comfortable somewhere I do very quickly feel at home. I feel at home in my apartment with little one and S., in my parent’s apartment up the street, when I visit my mother in law, or anyone in my family or of my friends.

Where do you feel at home? What is home for you?

Written by Solveig Werner