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“Just go ahead and do it already!” Someone barked from behind Josephine. She looked around into a frog like face.

“Erm,” she stammered looking scared with her hands gripping the railing as if her life was at risk, “you go ahead”. The unfriendly boy passed looking at her as if she was the biggest looser. All of his friends followed, sniggering at her. One by one they jumped clumsily into the water below.

Once the tower was empty, the pool below her too, and before another one had been able to set a foot on the ladder to climb back up, Josephine gathered herself together. She let go of the metal railing, took a deep breath while closing her eyes.

She ran, jumped high up into the air, and landed straight as a candle, hands and head first in the water.

When she emerged, all she could hear was a loud clapping sound. Josephine had awed them with a beautiful triple salto.

Written by Solveig Werner