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Mistakes are meant to be made.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes they have disastrous consequences. Sometimes they are nothing more than a language mistake. 

 We are meant to learn from our mistakes, and from the mistakes of others. If we do not talk about our mistakes, someone else might make them in the future. After all we are meant to learn from the past, that includes the mistakes that were made in the past. 

 I am scared of making mistakes. I suppose we all are. But the fear of mistakes can petrify us, keep us from daring to do things, to progress in life. 

Trying to avoid mistakes at all costs can lead us into inactivity, which might actually be the greatest mistake of all.

When I was in primary school, one of my teachers tortured us with what she called “mistake-reading”. Once someone made a mistake while reading out loud, we all had to tap on the table, this resulted in me making reading mistakes and being really nervous when reading out loud to anyone  for a long time, except when I was babysitting.  

I always try to encourage my students to not be scared of making mistakes, because that fear does not help when learning a language.  

My fear of making mistakes kept me from writing more, especially in French. 

I do know that I can only get better at writing if I do write.

Written by Solveig Werner