Are we going the same way as the fairy?

Last Saturday, I took my kids to a nearby playground so that they could make the most of the summer in October (the trees still haven’t changed colour, except those that turned grey in July). My daughter quickly joined other kids playing in the evening sun rays.

Suddenly, a girl, aged about four or five arrived at the playground with her parents. She wanted to stay a bit and negotiated 10 minutes. In order to not go over or under said limit her dad used the chronometer function on his connected watch. The moment, he pressed go, the girl, dressed in a lovely purple dress started sprinting back and forth, asking how quickly she’d run.

“17 seconds” was the answer.

“Let’s see who’s the quickest!” she shouted, running towards the other kids.

Now, three girls in dresses had their hair flying in the wind, out of breath and giggling this was a perfect way to make sure that bedtime would work out smoothly.

Their number dwindled and only two of them were left, my daughter and the girl dressed as a fairy. As her parents had picked her up from a birthday, she was all dressed up assorted with nice wings, her black hair in many neat braids and wings so small that one understands why magic-heavy fairy dust is so important (fairies have that advantage over penguins), her face was painted like that of a fairy. She took out her ballon sword and started fencing, more giggles.

“Time’s up!”

The girl joined her parents and I used this window of opportunity to make our way to the shop.

“Come on! We are going home as well!” I called my kids.

With her eyes gleaming with joy and jumping up and down my daughter asked: “So, are we going the same way as the fairy?”

And I smiled, and now almost a week later, I still do.

This post is my contribution to the #WeeklySmile and event hosted by Trent, in the past, I participated from time to time, and as Trent has blown some fairy dust on it the other day and revived it after a long hiatus, I felled compelled to join in. You can find his post here. And if you are curious and want to know what I wrote for the #WeeklySmile in the past you can do that too, and all new posts (future posts) for the #WeeklySmile can be found under “Weekly Smile 2.0


5 thoughts on “Are we going the same way as the fairy?

  1. It sounds like there were a lot smiles that day. Smiles, grins, chuckles, giggles and young, gleeful cries of joy 🙂 Children can always generate smiles, but there is something about how the play that lets our spirits soar as free as they are. Thanks for joining in, Solveig!


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