When a dog changes everything… Book review of Buster & Moo by Geoff Le Pard

Book review of Buster & Moo by Geoff Le Pard

Laden is having an affair while trying to secure a promotion, for nothing in the world does she want her boyfriend Mervin to find out that she’s sleeping with a junior colleague. They don’t talk much and seem to avoid the things that are really important to them, like the question whether or not they should try again to start a family. Past pain has led them to almost grow into strangers. Adopting a dog seems like a good plan to get their love life back on track as well as Mervin’s fitness. They find themselves rehousing a dog called Buster, quickly rebaptised. He previously belonged to Dave and Sheri, who due to the curveballs that life has been trowing at them cannot keep their furry companion.

As chance has it, while walking out on a walk with Moo, Mervin looses control of the dog as his fine tuned nose makes slip into the property where Sheri, works as a cleaner, takes out the bins, leading the former and new owners of the dog to meet. Quickly Sheri and Mervin bond over the dog and they find themselves having finally someone who they can properly confie in.

Laden loses her job due to her affair, but tells Mervin that she quit, as she realises that she does at all costs want to avoid loosing him. As the story unravels she goes to quite some lengths to avoid him finding out the truth behind some spoken lies and hidden truths.

Lies start pilling up on all sides. Laden, Mervin, Dave and Sheri are all hiding uncomfortable truths. And their relationships find themselves tested. It just seems that the dog is loyal to them all.

The book Buster & Moo by Geoff Le Pard is a fast-paced page turner. Not only are the question of fidelity, lies and the hiding of the inconvenient truths of a major importance, sex and drugs, blackmail and (un)conditial love are of a non neglectable prominence.

Quickly immersed in the intrigues of the story the main characters and their dog became people that I felt extremely close to. I was baffled by the secrets Sheri discovered on her employer and the ripples left by Laden’s affair. Geoff Le Pard lets the reader witness his characters’ captivating story in such a vivid way that it is hard to put in a reading break, it is addictive as the white powder is for some of the characters. Days after having finished the book, I still feel as if I am in Mervin’s head (he must be my favourite). And not having a dog myself, I’d say I’d take the one of the book without thinking about it!

What I really want to say: I really enjoyed this book, actually I love it! It has bestseller potential (the good quality kind) and could be made into a great movie or even better an addictive series…

Book review of Buster & Moo by Geoff Le Pard, 2017, Tangental Publishing

You can read and connect with Geoff Le Pard on his blog and follow him on twitter, @geofflepard

I had the pleasure of having Geoff as a guest on my blog on two occasions so far.

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Buster & Moo  can be found on amazon, that’s where I picked up my paperback…

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