Weekend Coffee Share 22/07/2017

Come on in! Don’t look at me like that, I heard you come up the stairs. You know I have time to hear your arrival even if you climb the steps quiet as a mouse, we are on the 5th floor here…

I hope that you don’t mind taking off your shoes. Now come on, time for kisses! 

Would you like to drink something? Are you sure? How about some Grenadine with sparkling water? Do you want something to nibble on? I have an elephant ear, or “palmier” as it is called here from my favourite bakery, Boulangerie Montgolfière, or some Lindt chocolate with raspberries or truly American marshmallows (made in the USA!) or Haribos, or how about some very nice melons and nectarines?

How have you been? I hope that you only come here with good news. But I have open ears and so go ahead spill out whatever put that veil on your heart!

If we were having coffee, well not coffee, but some other drink then we’d chat about everything. If I haven’t seen you in a while I would jump from one question to the next, speaking quietly and not laughing too loud, as the kids are asleep. The girl in the bedroom, I know it is a late nap… and the boy on my chest in his sling. I must do a tutorial of how to wrap it because even sling using moms are awed by the simple and very comfortable (for mom and baby) method I use…

I suppose that we’d talk about kids, about the mucky weather. For some reason, most people are passionate when it comes to weather. Who doesn’t know a legion of weather frogs, of amateur meteorologists?

If we were having coffee, listening to the seagulls, now joined by my offspring, both awake, then I’d tell you that I am super happy to be blogging again. I published a book review of a must read book this week as well as a post about my sister’s Instagram (I wrote it more than a year ago). I am hoping that there will be quite some more Spotlight on posts in the future. I also changed my about page

And I guess you have other things to tend to now, like reading other coffee share posts (head over to Diana’s for more). I have grocery shopping to do and a pizza dough to tend to as well as kids complaining about the lack of maternal attention, combined with well the very un-childfriendly weather…

© Solveig Werner 2017. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 22/07/2017

  1. Ah, I fondly remember my baby sling days. I was never very adept at it but I got the job done. You should do that tutorial! Thanks for the yummy treats 🙂


  2. I dont like taking off my shoes I have new socks on, who will wash them ^_^ what if I promise to step extra lightly ?
    Thanks for the coffee


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