Yesterday, #Brexit didn’t happen

Yesterday, the 29th of March 2019, the United Kingdom was meant to leave the European Union. But as we all know, this hasn’t happened yet. The likelihood of the UK crashing out of the EU is growing by the minute.

And with #Brexit being a total mess, the post-Brexit dystopia Who Shot Tony Blair? by Lucy Brazier is feeling more and more like a likely reality. Ok, I feel sorry for those who have to endure the sight of both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage naked, something they are a bit much. Funny in the book but in a likely distant future?

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Becoming by Michelle Obama

Reading your book, your autobiography was mind-blowing, empowering! Thank you, Michelle Obama, for having written down your life for others to get to know you as a person.

I have a weakness for well-written biographies and autobiographies. When I have the feeling that I can witness a person’s life without any filters added, when I have the feeling I can really get to know a person, then I love reading the biography or autobiography (the latter have it far easier as we all know our own lives best).

This autobiography is just brilliant. It is super well written! When I finished the book, I had the feeling that I personally know the former First Lady of the USA, and that does mean something.

So, thank you, Michelle, for sharing your story. The story of you before your husband. The story of you with your husband and behind the scenes of the story we all think we knew, but that honestly, almost no one has a clue about.

This book was the first that I read in 2019, it was a Christmas present, and as it is a must-read book I read it straight away.

Becoming has turned into a sort of guide for me. It is empowering for young women. The book made me bring my reflexions of the past half year or so a bit further. Now, I am ready to jump, to take the next leap.

Like Michelle Obama when she was longing for professional change, I am now taking up networking, to test the waters, to see if something is out there.

And maybe Becoming will lead me and many other girls and women to make a difference. To find that power that keeps them going, to give them structure, a mission, a place, a purpose.