A big thank you!

Advent Sunday, Advent CrownOh my, there are two days in my perfect posting month, and I am really struggling. So today I would like to thank you my readers!

Thank you for reading, thank you for encouraging me to write and be creative. Thank you for all your comments and compliments! (I will try to make my way through that commenting backlog). Thank you for having shared posts this months and the other months too of course. This month turned out impressive in terms of page views.

I want to thank all of the bloggers who agreed to participate in the advent calendar that will be happening on this blog between the 1st and the 24th of December! Thank you so much!

I want to thank all of the bloggers who have nominated me for awards in recent months. Thank you Marje for the Sunshine Bloggers Award, thank you Rachael for the Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award, thank you Melanie for the awards you nominated me for (Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award and Infinity Dreams Award)! The thing is I recall being nominated for another award, but I don’t recall by whom (sorry for that)… So thank you for thinking of me!

I guess you can tell by my neglect of replying and passing on these awards, that I am not keen on answering all of those questions… Nor does it fit into my blog, but today it does because  I am quite tired.

So that means I should still point you in the way of great bloggers right? Well I’d say it is best to check out the blogs of the bloggers who nominated me, and stop by Ra’s blog and look at the list of bloggers who participated in NanoPoblano, that’s posting once a day in November. Thank you Ra for being such a great host!

Have a great Advent Sunday, thanks for stopping by!


© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “A big thank you!

  1. What is this Advent Calendar you are talking about? For The Little Family, it is also the First Sundy in Advent – an important event. And Victorians Advent calendars will be open from December1st until the 24th in each bedroom of “The Gilrs” and in the little dining room. So, I would like to participate in YOUR Advent Calendar… 🙂

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    1. I am doing a nice advent calendar from the 1st to the 24th of December, which instead of candy will feature stories, memories, pictures, traditions of various bloggers. And I would be happy to have you join us. I’ll send you an email to the address you use for commenting. 🙂

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      1. I have received your e-mail. Thank you. I shall think about what could be my contribution but I may already say that I find your idea very interesting and lovely … as an Advent Calendar and that I would certainly want to participate.

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  2. Thank you too for sharing parts of you, your life, your wisdom, and your kindness. Thank you too for your support. Have a quiet, restful day…. RELAX as Christmas is nearing and life will become crazier! 😉

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        1. thank you Gulara, I managed but only because I could use my phone. Now that I am doing the advent calendar and have been receiving emails from a lot of people, I spend a lot of time with that yesterday, as well as writing the first calendar entry…
          Thanks for all the encouragements!

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