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It all started very early in Paris

It’s been a little less than a week since little one and I returned to Paris from our vacation in Austria. I of course took pictures, and have my head buzzing with stories that I wish to share. I took some notes at the end of our trip, and well I do not want to rush things, so over the next days and weeks I will share some of our holiday adventures. 

It all started very early in Paris. Everything was ready, when I finally woke up little one to dress her and put her into the wrap sling, she is 18 months old, and we still love it best this way. Then off to the bus stop. Paris was just waking up, the street cleaners were still at work, but it was not too early anymore, because there is a time of the day when the only souls roaming the streets are the cleaners.

Looking sheepishly out of the window, my eyes fell onto the Moulin Rouge. Do I have your attention now? Well seeing the Moulin Rouge, I had the feeling that there was a blogpost begging to be told. This place prominent in movies and books, visited by tourists and Parisians alike, just looked, just looked well, shabby, run down, outdated. Looking at what is probably the world’s best known cabaret, I had the feeling that it has lost its charm. It was like a girl waking up too early in the morning, after a rough night partying and with her makeup in bad need of fixing. The morning hours had robbed the glamour of this place. But not only the Moulin Rouge, the whole of Montmartre does not seem fit for mornings. Thinking of it, I do not want to know what the early wakeup call had done to my facial features.

Did we arrive on time at Gare de l’Est? Of course we did! We arrived way too early…

Settling down in our train, a very modern and nice TGV, a train started to roll into the station. Not just any train. It was the Orient Express! I tried to take some pictures, but I was sitting on the wrong side, and did not want to draw too much attention to myself…


The train ride in itself went quite well. Except that little one only decided that sleep was in order an hour before we arrived in Munich… Everyone loved her on the train, she made friends with people from various horizons. There was just one strange lady with a dog, but that is an entire story on its own.


After 6 hours of train travel, my dad’s cousin (I think that’s my uncle to the 2nd degree) picked us up in Munich, as we were going to spend one night in Germany before travelling onwards to Austria. His sister was in town with her daughter, who is a distant cousin of mine and thus an aunt of little one (to the 3rd degree I think) and is only six months older than my daughter. The two took to one another right away, and it was such a pleasure to see them play together.

After a long day, starting in France, we finally went to sleep in our nice bed, in Germany. This was the first time that little one has left France, and stepped onto the soil of the other country she is a national of.

Have you taken the train recently and encountered little kids? How do you travel with your children? Have you ever seen or even traveled with the Orient Express ?

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