A walk on Omaha Beach

A week after Veteran's Day, it is suitable to write about the D-Day landings. A few days after the Paris attacks it is too, because the soldiers who lost their lives in Normandy in June 1944 did so to bring safety, peace, freedom, and civil liberties back to continental Europe, something that we must not … Continue reading A walk on Omaha Beach

Mushrooms, Blueberries and Caterpillars

Mushrooms, Blueberries and Caterpillars Austrian Adventures This summer, my daughter and I joined my parents in Austria, for about a week. We lived through many different adventures. Such as a dangerous hike or visiting happy cows and happy pigs. The last hike we went on was the climb of the Hamberg, which is always fun, … Continue reading Mushrooms, Blueberries and Caterpillars