Magic in Albi – A Young Family Travels Part 2

Magic in Albi

A Young Family Travels Part 2

Our lovely holiday in the beginning of June, was not only spend in the garden and in the little French village we were staying. No, we also did some proper tourism. On one of the hottest and sunniest days of our stay, we went on a little adventure. We visited Albi. Continue reading “Magic in Albi – A Young Family Travels Part 2”

Fruit of the Garden – a Young Family Travels Part 1

Fruit of the garden

A Young Family Travels Part 1

A bit more than two weeks ago, I came home from my vacation in the south of France. I wanted to write about the trip, share pictures, but for some reason, something always kept me from doing so. I always have the feeling that I am not so good at travel writing, but hey, I haven’t even tried.

This would be little one’s first holiday, this would be S.’s first holiday since he started working, and this would be our first time traveling together as a family. We didn’t go on a fancy trip, no we decided to make this one special and visit family. After a train ride of almost 5 hours, we finally arrived. First stop was S.’s older brother, his girlfriend and their daughter, thus little one’s cousin, who is only 9 months older. We stayed with them for 3 nights, or about 2 whole days. Little one was so happy to have someone to play with that wouldn’t wander off right away. Continue reading “Fruit of the Garden – a Young Family Travels Part 1”