Three years ago, I was having breakfast with S. I had spend an interesting night, contractions had ripped me from my sleep, but a shower later I was peacefully snoring again, the contractions continued. When I arrived in the Maternity Ward at 11:30am I was already at 4 or 5 cm. Things went quickly, S arrived at the hospital 2 hours after I did, and at 15:34 our daughter joined us.

Happy 3rd Birthday

Today, she is 3 years old! It has been quite an adventure.

Currently little one is still fast asleep, it’s one of those rare nights she spend from the beginning to well now in her bed. Up until the end of last year she was still sleeping in the parental bed, but my growing belly and her size made her take the decision that it was time to try the little bed. It was our plan to convince her to sleep there, but finally she decided on her own. Just like so many other things.

In June, she figured it was time to no longer wear her diapers and start using the potty, I am only responsible to the extent that I bought her a potty. Two years ago, on her first birthday she learnt to walk, when she was 7 and a half months old it was crawling. The hardest part to get her to get used to was no longer nursing on my breast. Looking back, that was the only developmental step that happened by me forcing it upon her, there was no choice, really.

I enjoy reading with her, many of the stories we read are so important to her that she can recite the ending of the sentences, and sometimes she knows the whole book. Will she be a young reader? I don’t know, but I do know that she is a lover of books.

Sometimes she is shy, but that’s when she is tired. But once she starts to like someone, well then she has a loose tongue and will fill your ears with questions and stories in German or French.

How cute she has been after the last ultrasound in January, she asked the doctor for a picture of her future sibling, so that it could be hung on the wall and kissed before leaving the house. It will be such a change for her, for us, once our family will be growing in March.

Now, I have learnt so much thanks to this little girl.

I really don’t know what to say, besides:


© Solveig Werner 2017. All rights reserved.
Image Copyright Moritz Werner (my dad) February 2014


New Beginnings

New Beginnings

It’s a New Year…
2017 is only a few days old
It’s a year that I have been looking forward to
A year that will be filled with new things
But also with memories
of those who I love that are no loger here
It’s a year of challenges
Of a new apartment (hopefully)
It’s a year of changes
What lays ahead I cannot see (well not everything)
I do not know
But I am optimistic
Some things will be positive
others won’t be
And glad that 2016 is now behind me
It’s a new beginning
It’s a year with new life
our family will grow
With love and laughter
With hugs, kisses, smiles and tears
It’s a year of hope!

Happy New Year!


© Solveig Werner 2017. All rights reserved.

Two Years Of Being A Mom – #WeeklySmile

On Sunday my daughter turned 2 years old! Even though it was her special day, it was also a very special day for us, her parents.

Seen that she is still small, she did not really understand what it means “tomorrow is your birthday”, but when on Sunday morning she found a trail of chocolates leading to a small pile of presents, it must have dawned on her that it was a special day. She spend her morning busily trying out her new felt tip markers. We got her ones that can stay without a cap for 8 weeks, seen that most felt tip markers dry out after 20 minutes, this is an amazing feat!

After an extensive walk in the park, we went to my parent’s house where more presents, 3 cakes  and many people were keen on celebrating little one’s 2nd birthday. When little one saw the cake, I had made for her, decorated with little chocolate lightbulbs (I’ll be sharing my recipe soon), she got even more excited. Continue reading “Two Years Of Being A Mom – #WeeklySmile”

Advent Calendar Day 16: A Collage of Christmas Memories by S.D. Gates

Image Source: zazzle.com

A Collage of Christmas Memories by SD Gates

The Holiday season for me is a like a collage of memories, all with different traditions. When asked to write this post by my friend Solveig, I had to dig deep into the recesses of my mind uncover the memories of my Christmases past. I suspect if I had lived in the same country, surrounded by family all my life the memories would be more concrete and vivid. Instead I have flashes of scenes, things that stand out in my mind about Christmas. Continue reading “Advent Calendar Day 16: A Collage of Christmas Memories by S.D. Gates”

O is for Oma – A to Z Challenge April 2015

Oma, Omi, Omama short for Großmutter or Großmama, are the names that are given to Grandmothers in German speaking countries, and I have over the years found out that people with a German grandmother, or one of German origin tend to call her “Oma” too. The term Oma is often used to describe an elderly woman in Germany, who is probably more of a great-grandmother (Uroma) than a grandmother age wise. As an example: my mother, when one day marked by tiredness thought to herself that she was like an Oma, and then right away that she is one. In her imagination pictured an elderly lady of at least 85.

I grew up with my two Omas, and was devastated when one of them died too young of a cancer. The relationship one has with their grandmothers and grandfathers are so enriching. With my Oma I did many cultural things. We visited churches to see their architecture, and decoration. We read poetry together and analysed it, we visited the houses of German writers such as Goethe and Schiller. But we also cooked and played games.

Today, I am happy to see that my daughter is developing a close relationship with my mother. It is so different from a parent child relationship. My little one is lucky, she has all of her Omas and Opas, with two of them living 200 meters up the street.

I do hope that one day (but not in the near future) someone will call me “Oma Solveig”. I suppose that is a side effect of motherhood.

What do you think about grandparent-grand child relationships? How do/did you enjoy yours? How do you observe those of others?

Written by Solveig Werner

G is for Girl – A to Z Challenge April 2015

“What is it?” the midwife asked S. after she laid screaming little one onto my chest. 

He checked.

“A girl!”, S. told us.

I had just given birth to a screaming little baby, a girl. I had not known until then.

During my pregnancy I did not want to know, if I was carrying a boy or a girl, what counted for me was to give birth to a healthy baby. At the ultrasound exams I asked not to be told.

People always asked me: “Boy or Girl?”

“I don’t know. It is a surprise.” I would answer.

“But don’t you want to know what it is? To buy the clothing? Decorate its room?” Were some of the questions I would hear.

Even though not everyone understood. My grandfather was very proud of us for not wanting to know in advance. My sister said she would be doing the same thing, because our parent’s did so in the past.

Somehow I knew deep inside me that little one would be a girl. At five months pregnant I dreamt of her first name. Little one picked it herself.

The name she has now was the only name we had. Thus in the delivery room we were a bit worried as we had not yet found a name for a boy…

Written by Solveig Werner

The Artist

The Artist

Magnetically attracted, she walked towards the woman sitting on a bench in the parc. As if she was an old  acquaintance, an old friend, a member of our family.

But no, it was only a stranger who had a magical attraction upon my daughter. My little one was just a few weeks over one-year-old, feeling more and more comfortable walking while holding my hand of course. And now she had targeted this woman, who was enjoying the February sun.

The woman on the bench started talking to her, little one seemed even more confident and went on. At first, the lady took her for a little Monsieur, maybe it was this misunderstanding that got us talking. Being a proud mom, I always set things right and tell people that little one is, in fact, a girl. Continue reading “The Artist”