Two Years Of Being A Mom – #WeeklySmile

On Sunday my daughter turned 2 years old! Even though it was her special day, it was also a very special day for us, her parents.

Seen that she is still small, she did not really understand what it means “tomorrow is your birthday”, but when on Sunday morning she found a trail of chocolates leading to a small pile of presents, it must have dawned on her that it was a special day. She spend her morning busily trying out her new felt tip markers. We got her ones that can stay without a cap for 8 weeks, seen that most felt tip markers dry out after 20 minutes, this is an amazing feat!

After an extensive walk in the park, we went to my parent’s house where more presents, 3 cakes  and many people were keen on celebrating little one’s 2nd birthday. When little one saw the cake, I had made for her, decorated with little chocolate lightbulbs (I’ll be sharing my recipe soon), she got even more excited.

Birthday CakeWhile we were busy tasting the different cakes, little one started to unwrap her presents. The first one of them was all she needed (kids really don’t need a lot of toys, especially at that age), wooden fruit that she can “cut” appart with a wooden knife, she got to work right away and prepared plenty of fruit salads.

It was a day packed with memories, smiles and proud parents and grandparents, friends and family.

When my little angel was sound asleep, far earlier than usually (she had skipped the nap to celebrate), I sat down and filled a few pages in my notebook with the story of her arrival, which I might be sharing on another of her birthdays, of which there will hopefully be plenty.

At the end of the day, especially after writing about the birth, I felt even more that a birthday is a very important day for the mother. For me it is the true Mother’s day, the day that one becomes a mother.

Have you celebrated any birthdays lately? Are there any special birthdays coming up soon? What made you smile this week? Share your smiles in the #weeklysmile linkup hosted by Trent P. McDonald.

Have a great weekend with many smiles!

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Two Years Of Being A Mom – #WeeklySmile

  1. Hi Solveig. Happy Birthday to your daughter! 😀😀 What a magical day for you all and I love the idea of the trail of chocolate. As you might have seen we’ve just celebrated my mother’s birthday when we all went away for the weekend by the coast and I presented her with my first draft manuscript as a present. In our family we still love our birthdays and I feel as childish as ever! I’ll look out for the recipe!

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  2. Solveig, Happy 2nd Mother’s Day to you!. Silly computer sent that comment by itself and I can’t even blame the dog who has been leaning over my computer a bit today, especially at lunchtime. He loves Vegemite!
    My kids both have their birthdays in a few week’s time. They will be 12 and 10. When my son was smaller, I used to reflect on how many years it’s been since we became parents and I still do to some extent but the years seem to roll by a lot more now and it’s getting harder to remember life before kids now.
    I also realised recently that our dog turns 70 in dog years at the end of November and that was a bit sobering, especially as he was born in the same year as my daughter and she’ll be turning 10 and won’t even be an adult when he becomes a senior. My husband turns 50 the day after the dog’s birthday. So, it will be a big week.
    Thanks for the smile.
    xx Rowena


  3. Happy birthday to your daughter and happy “real mother’s day” to you! It sounds like a big busy day for everyone involved. It’s funny, when I looked at the cake for a second I thought, “That’s kind of odd, they put chicken legs all over that cake!” Looking closer and bringing it up in Flickr, yes, pretty cool looking light bulbs. Weird things my mind does…
    Thanks for the great smile and letting us share in this special day! I hope you have great week filed with smiles 🙂


  4. Littler will be two in about two months. We’ve lost touch with so many of our friends that we might end up having a party against our low-key natures. 🙂


  5. Solveig, Happy Birthday to your little one. I wish her many more happy moments, days, and years! Then I can laugh as you, as mom, will be stunned at how FAST she grew up. I’m in that boat now. Remembering when my children were small and now my children have children and I enjoy celebrating the lives of my grandchildren. You WILL have many happy moments to write about. Enjoy!!


  6. Beautiful. 🙂 One of my favorite things about teaching that age group is the light of discovery in their eyes. Many more happy years to your family!


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