Did I have Covid?

Covid-19 was detected in December 2019, so a bit over a year ago. It took a few more weeks for the info to seep through to us. I remember first reading about Covid around the 25th of January. My sister had send us a message recommending us to buy masks and protective googles. Her boyfriend has many colleagues in China and thus they tried to find as many masks as possible in Copenhagen to ship to China (back to their country of production).

She was to be right.

By the time the virus started to spread in France masks were so rare that the government pleaded for people to give their surgical masks to health professionals. If you didn’t sew your own masks, you’d have no masks.

When I look back at our WhatsApp conversations (we have like so many other families a huge family WhatsApp group), the disbelief we were in, because China had to lock up cities jumps to the eye. We did not have to wait too long to be locked-up ourselves. And a year later, we are navigating in a changed world where lockdowns are the new normal.

But let’s get to my question. Did I have COVID?

End of January till about mid-February my partner had bronchitis coupled with sinusitis. Even though things got better quickly with antibiotics (as he did go see our doctor), he got sick as soon as the cure was over. For months (until now actually) he had to cough a lot, and it took him weeks to get back into shape for running, his breathing would not play along and he has been more tired than usual. And he also lost his sense of taste and smell for a while. As he worked in a place were many people from China, including from Wuhan passed through daily up to mid-February, it won’t be much of a surprise if he did have covid a year ago.

I suddenly started having the strangest of colds, I could breathe properly through my nose but ever 30 to 45 minutes I was suddenly overly congested that I filled tissue upon tissue. In the very last days of February everything lost its taste, as I lost both my sense of smell and my sens of taste. I can pinpoint the date to a certain degree, as I was sadly in a different region for a few days to addend a funeral, when my sens of smell disappeared and everything that I ate tasted the same. My taste and smell returned when we had already been in confinement for about a week.

It wasn’t until April that I found out that loosing smell and taste were typical symptoms for covid. In the early months of the pandemic, those symptoms were not known to be symptoms.

There is a good probability that I had covid. That I travelled in an airplane while having covid. That I took the metro in Paris, that I thought many one-on-one lessons while being contagious. I cannot know for sure. I just know one thing: I was definitely not alone with symptoms that weren’t known to be symptoms. One of my students (in a class attended by 9 people) showed up to a course in March coughing her lungs out, with a fever. When I asked her if she had seen a doctor, she said she had called sos-médecins (a medical hotline) only to be told that she didn’t have covid and that it was the flu and that she should go to work (you should not go to work when you have the flu).

For the months to come, until October I struggled with regular bouts of earaches that lasted for 2-3 days each at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. When my dad had covid in October, I finally decided to get the anti-body test done. The pharmacist did want to dissuade me, as he saw no point, as he told me that the detectable level of antibodies fades very quickly. But you want to have certainty, I wanted an explanation for my hurting ears. Well, the test came back negative.

Thus I cannot know for sure, if I did have covid or not. One of my students (a medical doctor) had a positive anti-body test in May, but she has no clue when she had covid.

With the number so super high at the moment, and the whole of Europe locking down again (France is currently fairly open, except for a curfew from 6pm to 6am), I am sure that there are so many people who unknowingly have covid, as they have no symptoms (or only have obscure symptoms that have not yet been catalogued).

The sad truth is that if we want to get rid of Covid, we’ll have to take a break from what normality we still have left. So many cases for this virus are flying under the radar.

Please stay safe and healthy! Get vaccinated if you can! Wear a mask! Stay socially distant! Talk to family and friends on the phone/zoom/WhatsApp/skype/Facteime, send them messages and letters. Draw, paint, sind, dance, take pictures, write, be creative, be active, read, watch a good film … And remember, you are loved and you are precious!

6 thoughts on “Did I have Covid?

  1. I certainly think you and your husband definitely had covid by the symptoms you describe. Shame you both did not get tested. We must of known more of the symptoms earlier than you. The whole pandemic has been handled very badly worldwide. We lost my mother in law to covid in June, we have had several close friends have Covid and our middle son has had covid too. We are in Lockdown, Christmas and New Year did not happen for us here, who were sensible. Sadly there are always those who will flout the rules. Please stay safe and well.💜💜

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  2. Several friends of mine had a strange flu-like illness around December – January which looking back, bear several characteristics we’re told can be Covid. I think we can all be grateful that you and your hubby, and my friends, are all well. Maybe it got worse when it got worse (I have lost two friends to the virus now, but both had breathing conditions which made them ‘at risk’)
    Keep safe


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  3. Hi Solveig. It sounds like a near miss for you but close enough to secure your attention.
    I hope this finds you feeling better and this story slipping down to the level of interesting history.
    Whew! What a year 2020 was.

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  4. Hi Solveig, I haven’t been on WordPress in ages, I came to see how you are doing! Like you, I am pretty sure I had COVID at the onset of all of this, back when there were no tests to be had. I am glad you are doing well, and very excited to see you are still blogging, as erratically as I am. My son just had COVID a couple of weeks ago, and he was really ill, but not hospital ill. He still has yet to regain his sense of taste and smell. It is some scary stuff – especially now that it is going after the children. Stay safe my friend, and I hope all is well with your family.


    1. Well guess what? I had covid again! The day before I got my second shot, I had a stuffed nose, but thought nothing about it. Got my shot and put all other symptoms on the post-vaccination count. Well… I need a negative Test to attend an event, so two days after receiving my second dose I found out that I had covid, so did my partner (who got his shot the very morning of his positive test) and our kids who are way too young to be vaccinated. My son (4) had a nasty bout of covid, 5 days of >39°C fever and at least two nights with spikes of over 40, but he was always in good spirits… But I must do a post on this. A few weeks before getting our second shot they changed the time frame for getting it from 5 to 3 weeks, but I could not reschedule my second appointment.

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  5. Hi Solveig,
    It’s been such a long time since we’ve been in touch but I thought of you tonight and came to check out your blog. It’s now over a year since you last posted about your covid situation and I hope all of your family is well. Our situation here in Australia was quite different to the rest of the world due to our geographical isolation and initial strong measures to contain the virus. However, once the vaccine came along and delta was largely replaced by omicron, the barriers went down and covid spread like a forest fire, although not as severe as it had been I am on immuno-suppressant drugs due to my auto-immune disease and my lungs are in a so I spent much of the last three years in isolation and my parents are still largely isolated.
    One other observation is that quite a few friendships have broken down due to different stances on the vaccine. A number of my friends are anti-ax which made it hard when I’m so vulnerable. My mum used to accompany singers in her home and that’s all stopped, as they weren’t vaccinated and Dad wouldn’t let them in the house. Although it’s improved a lot, there’s still a lot of covid around here and needing to be careful. My lungs were bad this week and I went and got tested but was clear.
    Anyway, Id better head off.
    Best wishes,


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