Q is for Quest #AtoZChallenge

Q is for Quest

The letter Q does not lack words to write about. But Q did not place a word into my head to let my consciousness flow. Starting at the blank screen, the word Quest popped into my head. Very fitting, after all today I am on a Quest to find some inspiration. 

Last year I wrote about Questions during the A to Z Challenge, and later in the year I wrote about Quitting, both words wanted to take the scene today, but no! I won’t have you question my seriousness regarding this challenge by repeating a word! Nor am I going to quit today!

When I was a kid I was taught that the letter Q has to be followed by a U and that ALWAYS! Well that was in a school in Germany, and in the German language this might be true (beware there might be an exception lurking somewhere), but when I arrived in France, I found out quite quickly that this rule is not always true in French. After all there is a town called Le Pecq. I am sure that my teachers would have shuttered at the mere thought of such a word…

Quest, that word always makes me think of Shrek saying “But I am already on a quest!”, maybe that’s because it was how I got acquainted to this Q word.

Quentin quits quilting while Queen Quitterie questions quotations of quotas. 

During the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge, my theme is authenticity and eclecticism, which in my book go hand in hand.

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11 thoughts on “Q is for Quest #AtoZChallenge

  1. I learned the qord “quest” from the Authoritarian legend, like hte quest for the Holy Grail. Of course before that was the Questing Beast. It is funny, because in this case “quest” is from the sound it makes, like a pack of dogs, not the fact that Sir Pellinore is “questing” for it, a fact that went over my head as a kid when I ate the legends for lunch and dinner.


  2. I like the addition of eclectic to your authentic theme. I feel like many bloggers (including me) have an “authenticity and eclecticism” theme running through it. We’re all quirky – quickly and quietly going on a quest. 💖

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  3. I used Quest today too, but in a very different way. : ) I think all of Blogging from A to Z is a bit of a quest. I’m glad you didn’t decide to quit.


  4. Some letters are more challenging than others, but you are plowing your way really nicely through the alphabet, Solveig. As for the letter Q in French, do you really know of some words not followed by a U? Except when the word ends by a Q, I cannot think of one. Just curious. See you tomorrow.


  5. I love that little rule about U following Q. But alas, I’m sure there are many exceptions. Sometimes, I wonder whether they are trying to confuse me. 😀


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