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P is for Permission

I have the tendency to ask for permission. Until recently, until coming to the realisation, I had the unexplained need for an acknowledgement of my decisions, a green light, a “go ahead!” All of these things often delayed me in my actions, put me on a detour or kept me from undertaking projects. This need for permission is probably linked to my number.

You would think that as an adult, one no longer needs to ask for permission. But often times I would find myself in situations, sharing a project, looking for advice or some input, that I received an opinion, which I sometimes mistook for a permission or the lack of permission. 

But an opinion is an opinion, it should always be weight, taken into consideration. An opinion might not always be what is best for one!

When we are adults and need help, advice or just want to share our next step, our next undertaking, then we are not looking for permission. We are looking for support.

But it takes time to learn.

Just because someone does not like something, it won’t mean that we cannot or should do or try something. We should just take another moment to think about it, and if necessary adjust our project a tiny bit.

Do you ask for permission? Do you give permission or not when actually you are just meant to listen or give advice?

Pretentious Peter puts purple pens into petite Paula’s pretty peach Purse in Perth.

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