Youthful 2016

Blogging2016 is already 19 days old, quite young if it is compared to my own age of 10 014 days. Still out of those 19 days I managed to miss 4 days in posting on my blog, but on one of those missed days I had a guest appearance elsewhere! Yesterday, I was a guest on Melanie Noell Bernard’s blog to share my New Year’s resolutions. If you go over there you’ll find a few of my resolutions for this still very young year. I tried to provide a not too boring selection of goals for this year, hopefully you will be smiling about them.

Here you can find my guest post. After that please have a look around the other contributions to her series, and make sure you have a look around Melanie’s blog too. I had her as a guest for the advent calendar, maybe you missed her post?

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