Advent Calendar Day 18: Christmas Music with Kate Edwards

Number 18

Christmas Music with Kate Edwards

This is ‘Lonely This Christmas’, a song originally written and performed by the British band Mud in 1974. It was Christmas Number One at the time and is a very popular Christmas song still.

 I am a member of an experimental pop band in the North East of England called Brilliant Mind. A few years ago, Brilliant Mind did a cover of ‘Lonely This Christmas’, and dedicated the ending of the song to all the places in the North East where it might be lonely at Christmas! Our singer, Calum, lists lots of names of places that can be found in the North East such as Durham and lesser known places like Coxhoe and Warkworth.

You can find out more about Brilliant Mind here:

I also write and perform my songs myself, and released my debut single ‘Every Key’ at the start of the month. Here is a link to my website:

6 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 18: Christmas Music with Kate Edwards

  1. Interesting song. This was 1974’s #1 Christmas hit in England? It’s a bit too gloomy for my taste. Not that I’m big on Christmas, but if I’m going to do it, I go happy. Still, this song must resonate with lots of people if it was and is that popular. Huh.

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  2. It is a good idea to think of all the lonely paces and the lonely people during Christmas time. I know many who will feel rather desperate with all the happiness and joy that will pass them by. In fact, it is difficult on these festive days to know that neighbours and friends are happy within their family circle and that you are alone and not thought about. So thanks for all of them. This was a true Christmas idea!

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  3. Thank you Kate for your contribution! This song definitely raises a good point, many people are lonely on Christmas. We just tend to forget about them, as it is a moment that is meant to be spend with family.

    Oh and if anyone is wondering, I know Kate from University.

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  4. Hi Kate,
    Just bit the head off my Scottie dog Shortbread biscuit after listening to your own song and Lonely at Christmas. You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely at Christmas and I remember as a single person sometimes Christmas could be quite hard. If you’re not feeling upbeat, Christmas cheer just makes it worse.
    I wrote a poem recently about that piece of yourself which often struggles to connect:
    I also enjoyed your song and liked the idea of trying to find the key to open the lock and nothing fitting. For so many, it takes awhile to find your place on this earth and what you’re meant to be doing…or a way of getting there. I’m sure many could relate!
    I hope you had a great Christmas and I’d invite myself round to Solveig’s if I was you and ask her to share her stash of chocolate! xx Rowena

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