The art of avoiding

Today, I have a strange day. The kids aren’t with me, S. is working and as it is a Monday I have almost no lessons to teach. This means it is the perfect day to do things that I should do. Such as cleaning the bathroom (something I really do not enjoy doing), or pre-write a few blog posts (I have never been good at that), or simply sit down and write.


The weather is amazing! The forecast for today is 26°C, the sky is blue, it is sunny. On top of that, I received two interesting books just at the moment that I sat down to write this post (one I already know a bit as the first draft was published on a blog, it is The Halley Branch by Trent P. McDonald). I have two newspapers to read (ok I don’t think that I’ll behave like I did once, 15 years ago, when I read a copy of The Economist in its integrity from cover to cover…) I have the special edition of Der Spiegel “#Frauenland” which is super interesting too…

Those are just the easy distractions. 

So, I want to write a book, I have wanted to do so for ages. I did participate in Nanowrimo, after day 13 it was over for me. I needed to protect my story. This story is still there, and now almost 3 years later, might be time to see if I can do something with it. Back in the past, I felt that I needed to protect it. If I would have continued, it would have turned out too dark. My mother’s final stage cancer did not help at the time. I now have these time windows, that I should use to write my book, a story, stories, a blog post.

I have a tenancy to avoid what I want to do. The truth be told, I often don’t need a distraction in order to not do anything. All I need is the idea that it won’t work out. Why am I not writing? Because somewhere inside me there is a little nagging voice whispering, “it won’t work out”, “you have no talent”, “it’s a waste of time”, “just think of all the admin you’ll have to go through”, and then I’ll research how to publish a book, without having written a single line.

3 thoughts on “The art of avoiding

  1. I used to read The Economist cover to cover. i should pick it up again – it’s a great magazine. Thanks for featuring my book! I hope you enjoy it.


  2. The truth is there are a million reasons not to write a book.
    And only one reason to do it…
    The book won’t leave you alone.
    At least, that’s how it works for me. Embrace it. The only way to get rid of these nagging characters is to write their damn story.
    Enjoy the moment’s peace when you are done. Because other characters will move in. LOL


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