Laughter filled the air. Happiness was upon them. Everything was perfect. “I love you!” she mouthed as she picked up their youngest child. He got up to join his family by the slide in the park. At that moment, gravity started to evaporate, he was loosing his balance. Gasping for air he, realised that reality was fading away at a worrisome speed, slipping away through his hands … Continue reading reality

G is for Girl – A to Z Challenge April 2015

“What is it?” the midwife asked S. after she laid screaming little one onto my chest.  He checked. “A girl!”, S. told us. I had just given birth to a screaming little baby, a girl. I had not known until then. During my pregnancy I did not want to know, if I was carrying a boy or a girl, what counted for me was to … Continue reading G is for Girl – A to Z Challenge April 2015