D is for Dolphin #AtoZChallenge

D is for Dolphin In the summer during which I turned 13, I saw real, non-captive dolphins for the first time. They were far away at the edge of the horizon, but they were there enjoying their freedom. Up to then dolphins had been something I knew from TV and I did not even have … Continue reading D is for Dolphin #AtoZChallenge

A giant rat and French cheese

A giant rat and French cheese Normandy September 2015 After a good home cooked lunch, we made our way to the seaside. After our drive there we were impatient to see the ocean, well the English Channel to be precise. We hopped into the car and drove for about 5 minutes to Porte-en-Bessin and parked in … Continue reading A giant rat and French cheese

Of happy pigs, old trains, and cabbages

Of happy pigs, old trains, and cabbages Austrian Adventures I want to continue telling you about my Austrian adventures. For a week in August my daughter and I joined my parents in the Zillertal in Tirol. We witnessed old traditions and visited happy cows, we went on a dangerous hike, and searched for fairytale creatures … Continue reading Of happy pigs, old trains, and cabbages