App – A – A to Z Challenge 2019


A to Z Challenge 2019

Amanda pulled her phone from her back pocket. It was one of those bearing a slightly eaten fruit starting with an A on the back.

A rush of excitement sped up her spine. Finally, Amanda had some time to feed her craving. Her addiction! The app was running and it was time for her to play with it.

Like a junky she popped bubbles, then chased dragons and anacondas until she had her does of arousal.


Amanda froze, feeling as though she had done something naughty.

“What are you doing?”

Amanda blushed. No word was really going to explain what she was doing. She had tried to kill a moment of boredom and instead she killed time…

This is the 3rd time I am participating in the A to Z Challenge. I do hope that I will make it until the end of April in one piece. I hadn’t dared taking on the challenge in the past two years. I hope that you’ll come back over the month for a vide variety of eclectic posts.
There is still time to sign up:

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