Brexit – B – A to Z Challenge 2019


A to Z Challenge 2019

I am European!

My upbringing, my studies, my current life make me European. Thus I feel strongly about Brexit. Honestly, I am hoping that it won’t happen. Then on the other hand, I tell myself that it will set an example and help us move away from the growing eurosceptism and populism that has been on the rise in many EU-member states.

I grew up in Germany, the USA (not in the EU ok), and in France. I studied in England, Poland (for an Erasmus exchange, one of the most European projects), and France. While in high school I participated in a youth European Parliament where we thought about how to deepen integration in Europe. During my studies I heavely focused on the EU. My bachelor’s dissertation was on Poland’s integration into the EU. During my Master’s degree I wrote two of them about the enlargement of the euro zone. Now, I have two Franco-German kids. I teach German to people needing more than just English to communicate with their German counterparts.

And I only have one nationality, I only have one passport. But it is a magic passport, it is that of an EU citizen. A passport that lets me live and work and travel in 28 countries!

But once the UK leaves the EU. Which I am hoping won’t happen. De Gaulle put his veto in when the UK first wanted to join the common market. Did he know that the British Iles would want to leave it sooner or later?

Of course there are so many things that aren’t great with the EU. But then so many things are. But who am I talking about this? I am a Euopeanist. I specialised for years on EU integration and now I am witnessing a messy desintegration. A very very messy divorce.

In a few days we will find out what will happen. Will the EU be short of it’s member with all the exemptions? One thing is sure, the decision process and implementing of many things will become far easier once Brexit finally does happen.

If Brexit won’t happen, then many individuals, families will feel elated. It will feel like a miracle, as life will not be a complete and utter mess. Because how many mixed families are wondering what their future will be like? How many students are wondering if they can finish their degree? How many pensioners are wondering if they have to return to a country they left long ago?

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. It is the 3rd time that I am participating, but I took the last two years off. I am hoping to make it all the way to Z this year around!!

10 thoughts on “Brexit – B – A to Z Challenge 2019

  1. It is truly a total buggeration, isn’t it? I hope it doesn’t happen, expect it will and worry that it might trigger others thinking the same thing if it does.

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    1. It feels like a huge April fools joke. I cannot get my head around it. Here we have a politician who wants the #Frexit (not that he’s popular at all), every time I see the old posters from the presidential election, I think that maybe Brexit will serve as an example. It is a mess, and who really wants to have a mess?

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    1. I think that no one, not even the people holding the reigns right now, knows what exactly is happening. It’s one of those theories where a practical example doesn’t exist yet (Greenland does not count as it’s within the EU was completely different, that would be as if Scotland had decided to leave the EU and the rest of the UK would have wanted to remain, which makes me think that the territories in the UK could somehow theoretically stay…).

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