Following a girl in an all-male profession…, a book review of “First Lady of the Keys” by Lucy Brazier


Following a girl in an all-male profession…, a book review of “First Lady of the Keys” by Lucy Brazier”

At Old College, the main priorities seem to be food, tea, and alcohol. At least so it seems when PorterGirl starts sharing her adventures as Deputy Head Porter. Her job has so far never been filled by a woman, thus it is her mission to prove that this traditionally male role can definitely be filled by a female and that she’s not only there to be something pretty skipping around the grounds. 

Being Deputy Head Porter does not mean that there are only students burning toast to deal with, no there must be some adventure lurking in the less eery than expected college. PorterGirl is told that there are no ghosts, then that there are and when she encounters one she starts to put her nose into things that happened 50 years ago and that are none of her business. But where would the fun be if she didn’t?

First Lady of the Keys is the 1st instalment in Lucy Brazier’s PorterGirl series. It’s a brilliant book that I honestly struggled with to put down. I just always wanted to know what the porters (especially Head Porter and his deputy, our protagonist), the secretive fellowship, the rules-ignoring students or the Dean and Professor Fox were up to. And when a murder happens as so often within the walls of Old College, I had to know that my favourite characters would be safe, especially taken into consideration that the book, is written as if it had been truly lived, I am wondering if it has…

To make things short, I loved First Lady of the Keys!

Book review of First Lady of the Keys by Lucy Brazier, 2016, KGHH Publishing

You can read / connect with Lucy Brazier on her blogs Secret Diary of PorterGirl and Who Shot Tony Bair? and follow her on twitter         @PorterGirl100     

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