Spotlight on Judith Charlotte


Judith Charlotte

Some pictures are assembled with a lot of thought, others are simple snapshots that are full with beauty. Judith Charlotte, a young fashion designer living in Paris,  shares magical shots on her Instagram account.

She has an eye for detail, and for beauty where we would least expect it. Often times there is a nod towards fashion or art. Selfies are carefully put into scene as are her work table or her hot chocolates in Parian cafés. Judith masters the art of making the onlooker dream even though she shows you empty metro or SBahn interiors, and stairs or tunnels within urban transportation systems. Cities’ rooftops and forgotten places become prompts for intriguing stories.

From time to time sketches of her designs that she is working on are shared.

Judith probably won’t clutter your feed with photos, as every picture she posts is thoughtfully crafted and don’t appear on a daily basis. So please take a few minutes and visit her account. If you are on Instagram then leave a comment and start following, I am sure that you won’t regret it.

Meet my sister! @judithcw

Judith was born in Germany, only to leave her country of origin when she was about to start first grade. She grew up in Germany, the United States and France, a few years ago she decided to move back to the country of her early childhood, there she spend some time (taking many pictures) before moving back to Paris. Rich with cultural differences she is now pursuing various artistic projects. Supported by her mother she started expressing herself through art at a very early age. With time she started to learn the tricks of mastering an old, always striking sewing machine and started to create a part of her wardrobe. Now she has a very good sewing machine and an eye for beauty even where one would not expect to find it.

All instagram photos copyright judithcw

© Solveig Werner 2017. All rights reserved.


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