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If we were having coffee, then I would be so glad to have you over!

The past two Saturdays I had friends over (both where in my class in high school, which was 10, yes TEN years ago!!!), as no one is announced for today (maybe a friend will come tomorrow), and little one, errr should give her a different nickname is sleeping, I will do a coffee post.

It has been forever since I had coffee with you. Or maybe this is the first time you are stumbling onto my blog, or the first time you are reading a coffee share post here… Anyways it has been a while.

It is a beautiful day in Paris and I have no coffee to propose to you, but maybe a sparkling water, a grenadine? I have milk and still water too and if you are really into a hot beverage then maybe a tea, or a hot chocolate?

Now, if you are a regular reader of my blog, then you are probably wondering what I have been up to all these months. Or maybe you figured it out all by yourself.

I have been on maternity leave, and well I extended that to my blog, which for some reason is not just a hobby for me. If I want to blog properly, then it has to be like a job (probably an excuse that I am hiding behind….). This week I posted again since a very long time, and I worked again. Exactly 18 weeks after giving my last lesson and 17 weeks after giving birth to my son I was back to work on Thursday, well I did one hour by skype, any baby can cope with that!

My son, he’ll be 4 months old tomorrow! And little one she’s celebrated her 3 years and 5 months yesterday.

So if we were having coffee, then we would talk kids, work, we’d catch up and most of all I would ask you so many questions. I might mention a book or two that I have read recently.

If we were having coffee, or any other beverage, then I would tell you about the amazing bakery here in the neighbourhood, that is modern, affordable, young and so good. I went to their 1st birthday party on Wednesday, we had a guided tour of where the magic happens in the Boulangerie Montgolfière

I’d tell you that my phone has been dead for three weeks, I have returned to the storage of communication: email and communicating exclusively from home, no more text messages or WhatsApp, no calls when outside somewhere. It’s still working fine, sort of…

As I reserve you some water, you’d ask me about my holiday plans for the summer. I’d tell you that I’ll mostly spend July and August in overheated Paris, and I would proceed to show you some pictures from our holidays in June.

Retenue de la Bancalié

I hope you don’t mind, but I won’t accompany you to the metro, as you found your way here alright, I am sure that you won’t get lost. And if you do, some say that getting lost in Paris, is the best way to get to know Paris.

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Enjoy your weekend!




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