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Z is for Zoned-Out

Last night I zoned-out again. I was sitting on the carpet no longer completely present, no longer completely realising what was going on around me. S called me back to what was going on.

I  think that zoning-out is something that happens, to everyone. It happens mostly at the end of a long day, during a stressful time, or when there is too much to overcome. Maybe it is our mind that needs a break of a few seconds from everything, as it is a moment without thought.

During this past year, I sometimes was not 100% present. I think my mind was fleeing reality, the menacing state of my mother’s health. Sometimes I catch myself spending time uselessly opening and closing tabs on my computer, without a real goal, once I do harness the problem I can fully get back to work.

Sometimes we don’t completely listen to a question, just mechanically answer yes, only to ask a minute later “erm what did you ask?” Kids zone-out at school, which teachers always try to catch, but some can somehow reconstitute what was said or even actively participate while being quite absent. I recall drifting of into nothingness during a lesson, but at a certain point of not being fully there I decided that I should participate and answer the teacher’s question (the lesson was quite boring and he was struggling to find someone to answer, I guess most of us were zoning-out).

When I was in primary school, I could spend hours at home not doing anything, especially not my homework. It did not feel as though I wasted time, but I was definitely not productive. My mother found a remedy something that helped me focus for the day, or for the homework session, something that would caliber my mind. She’d have me draw a lying down eight (or infinity sign) that I would have to closely follow with my eyes. Sometimes she would just take her hand and draw a lying down eight indefinitely in front of my into the air and I would have to follow the movement with my eyes. Somehow this little trick always got be back on track, got my mind focused again.

This morning, I sat down and did the exercise, now I will be able to stay focused for longer!

lying down eight, how to focus

Zoe the Zebra zoomed in on Zachary the zookeeper in Zermatt’s zoo.

Zufriedene Zilly und zickige Zara zählen zahlreiche Zeitungen im Zwielicht zum zusammenfalten im zuckersüßen Zürich. (just because the German language and the letter Z go so well together, perhaps more on that in a future post…)

During the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge, my theme is authenticity and eclecticism, which in my book go hand in hand.

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