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Time flies at the moment doesn’t it? But not like a young bird learning to use it’s wings, no, like a concorde airplane. It is already the 3rd 4th coffee share of this year. I told you time flies!

If we were having coffee, then I would ask you how you are doing. I must confess that I did manage to catch up with my comment answering backlog, just to fall behind again. I have been reading posts here and there. I have not been “allowed” to use the computer as much as I would have liked, I think that I just jinxed myself… In short at the moment it is not all that easy to get some me or writing time.

If we were having coffee, then I would as always propose some tea, I hope you don’t mind. We’d be listening to some Herman Düne or Herman Dune (the band changed it’s spelling at one point). I am always blown away by that voice.

What are your plans for the weekend and for the coming week? Anything out of the ordinary? Anything that you have been looking forward to for ages?

Once my coffee post is out in the wild I will go outside myself, the pollution has dropped to a non-pollution level, so that’s good. On Thursday I wrote about how the city of Paris is trying to fight pollution, I forgot to add that you can no longer use your fireplace. I’ll be spending some time with my parents but also with my grandmother who is visiting for the weekend. In the week to come little one and I will be just the two of us, as S will be in London for the week. Last time when he was away I realised how hard things must be for single parents. Initially I wanted to come to London myself, but seen the overpriced accommodation options for two adults and a child, we decided against it. Still I am not completely missing out on travel adventures.

Next weekend, I will most likely not put up a coffee post. I will be out and about making sure that there will be some new photos, stories in the works for the blog. It’s time for there to be some more travel posts.

As time flies at the moment, I don’t really know what to say about my past week. I did a guest post on Monday about my new year’s resolutions on Melanie Noell Bernard’s blog. This guest post prompted me to finally put up a page listing my guest posts. I will start adding links to articles I wrote for the Student Radio Station of which I was a member and very active contributor from 2007 to 2009. As I mention in my latest guest post that I want to grow my teaching business, I will have to give myself that final kick in the butt to  finally craft a page to advertise my German teaching services.

Since the last coffee share I did not write all that much, not as much as I wanted to anyways. I put up a #weeklysmile post last Saturday, on Sunday I participated in Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes, I wrote a story that takes place in an attic, to my surprise it was received a lot better than I thought it would be. On the 20th of January I made sure to participate in the monthly #1000speak linkup with a post about forgiveness.

A comment on the forgiveness post made me put more thought to an idea that has been floating in my head. Why not record some posts, especially short stories, and do a podcast? I am getting practice with reading out loud to my daughter, and with the radio background I have I am not scared when it comes to having my voice recorded.

Oh my, why are my coffee posts such a mess lately? I always forget what I want to say, and when I am reaching the end of my post it all comes back to me…

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Have a great weekend!