All is quiet

All is quiet. The noise of the day has finally ceased. The house is no longer shaking from the demolition hammers and drills used need door. The kids are sleeping. A sniffle and a snore can be heard from time to time. My ears concentrate on a lovely sound. The ticking of a mechanical pocket … Continue reading All is quiet

In The Attic

"Where are you?" little Mike called out, no longer motivated to play hide and seek, reluctantly he climbed up the ladder to the attic. His older sister would surely not be hiding up there in the haunted place? "Where are you?" little Mike called out again. "I give up you know, I no longer want to … Continue reading In The Attic

T is for Time – A to Z Challenge April 2015

ding, ding, ding the old pocket watch chimed thirteen minutes past twelve. He threw his papers and books into his backpack, today was not a day to arrive late. The recent death of his beloved grandfather and the profound sadness that came with it was not going to count as an excuse. Running through the door he … Continue reading T is for Time – A to Z Challenge April 2015