The Other Writing In Books

booksI opened an old children’s book of mine, my eyes lingered on the golden handwriting, it was dedicated to me by my grandparents as I knew everything about fairies and elves. I smiled, I did not in the slightest remember the book and even less that it had been a present by my grandparents.

How often do I forget who gifted me a book? Sometimes this doubt installs itself quicker than I’d like. Now 4 weeks after Christmas, do I still know who gave me what book? The truth be told, no I don’t. For some books I am not even sure if they are for S or for myself, so who gave them to us exactly makes it even harder. Especially on occasions such as Christmas  and birthdays one can sometimes receive piles of books, and by the end of the day we no longer know who gave us which book. Do you know who gave you which book? Probably not, unless… Continue reading “The Other Writing In Books”