Discovering Traditions: May 1st and the Making of the Wreath by M.L.Kappa

Discovering Tradition

Today, is the first of May, a day that is widely celebrated and that has various traditions attached to it. I am happy to have M. L. Kappa as my special guest for Discovering Traditions. You can find a list of all guest post that have appeared on my blog so far here, and you can find the previous guest post for Discovering Traditions here.

May 1st and the Making of the Wreath by M.L.Kappa

May Wreath by M.L.Kappa

One of the most fun Greek traditions is the making of the May Wreath. We call it Μάης (pronounced Màïs).

May 1st is universally known as Labor Day since 1886, when the Chicago Syndicates rebelled, asking for better working conditions. But celebrating it is not actually a 19th century tradition—it has roots in Antiquity, when festivities were held in honor of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, and Dionysus, god of grapes and wine.
Their purpose was to celebrate the fertility of the fields, the bounty of the land, the flowering of nature and the end of winter.
This tradition in various forms then spread throughout Byzantium and the rest of Europe. Continue reading “Discovering Traditions: May 1st and the Making of the Wreath by M.L.Kappa”

Der erste Mai | The First of May | Le premier Mai

Schokoladen-Maikäfer lagen auf dem Buffet, sie waren unglaublich schön und groß. Wie gerne hätte ich bloß dort reingebissen, aber sie waren nicht für mich, sie waren für meine Uhrgroßmutter, die ihren Geburtstag feierte.

Chocolate “Maibugs” (Melolontha) were on the buffet, they beautiful and big. I was longing to take a bite, but they were for my great-grandmother, who was celebrating her birthday.

Des “Coléoptères de Mai” en Chocolat (Melolontha) étaient sur le buffet, ils étaient extrêmement beaux et grands. Oh comme j’eus envie d’y croquer, mais ils n’étaient pas pour moi, ils étaient pour mon arrière-grandmère

Geschrieben von | written by| écrit par Solveig Werner