Traditions are everywhere!

window decorations, toddler photographyTraditions are everywhere, every country, region, town, village, even family has a different way of celebrating or honouring their traditions.

On the 31st of December 2015, a new series of guest posts was started on my blog, with the first post being New Year’s Eve Celebration Soviet Style by Dr Gulara Vincent. It will hopefully be the first contribution of many, and was a beautiful ending for 2015, and a great opening for Discovering Traditions.

Today, I want to officially publish my call for participation. I am looking for numerous bloggers to share their traditions. The posts won’t go up on a specific day of the week, rather on or around the date that the tradition is observed (if there is a specific date of course).

There are so many celebrations, customs and habits, which we have that I would love you to share. It does not matter if it is your Easter celebration, the way 1st Birthdays are honoured, or if you have a car-cleaning even that is the big things for you, or maybe your kid’s school does something odd at the yearly fair? Maybe you have a tradition when it comes to celebrating the full moon, or when you publish that new book or release the new song. Traditions are everywhere and I invite you to be my guest and share yours.

So, I ask you to get in touch over the year, when you come up with a tradition that you might want to share. It can be anything, really, a tradition you have or had, that you have witnessed, participated in, that you would like to adopt… One that your country, town, family, university, street, or club of sports car owners might have.

If you want and idea, then check out that first post by Gulara, or see what had been done for the advent calendar of 2015 (I will most probably do one in 2016 again, so that’s where your Christmas traditions will go).

If you want to participate then get in touch or have someone in mind who you think should participate then tell me about them or send them this way.

You can leave me a comment (I will send you an email to your commenting email address, or the one I might have), send me a message via the contact form, send me an email (if you have it), contact me via twitter.

Oh and a last note, don’t be shy (if you are of the shy ones and I think you should participate then I will probably message you and invite you), I am sure that you have or had a very interesting tradition, a memory or something in relation to a tradition to share.

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.

25 thoughts on “Traditions are everywhere!

    1. The house is starting to quiet down again, I am feeling the throat getting sore and my daughter woke up with a cough this morning… Besides that we are ok 🙂 The year is starting well. I’d love to have you share a tradition or two. 🙂

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      1. Hi Solveig, I am sorry you and your daughter are feeling a little under the weather. Maybe a bit of homemade chicken noodle soup would help. I was thinking about the traditions thing and couldn’t think of any…but then I thought I could write about homemade chicken noodle soup. That is a tradition in our house, every time someone gets a sore throat or a sniffle, a pot goes on. I will work on that and get back with you.
        Get better!!!!!!!!

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            1. no worries, I have been with my head in the blogging sand lately. I will have some guests for carnival at the beginning of February, so I’d say I’ll have you after that. Did I send you my guidelines yet? (see I am a bit behind on everything at the moment…)

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  1. Solveig, a great idea and I will give this a think once this month is over – it’s going to be a busy one for me! Swedish Midsummer comes to mind straight away but maybe something else too…

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    1. Do let me know when you know. This year has 366 days and we are only at day 5 so no need to stress. I’d love Swedish Midsummer 🙂


    1. I started replying yesterday, but my daughter kept me from typing…
      I will have a guest tomorrow for epiphany but on the 7th I will be linking to a post which the blogger in questions putting up on their blog about Epiphany, if you are going to do an Epiphany post I’d gladly link to yours on the 7th, or have you as a guest on the 8th/but I’d happily have you be my guest again for another tradition, by the looks of your recent blogposts I think you might have some interesting traditions to share with us over the year. 🙂


      1. I wrote about Epiphany because I was planning to write something on that day to end my series of the twelve days of Christmas. I shall do so tomorrow. Of course, I plan also to talk about the cakes on Saturday in “if we were to have coffee together” as cake and offee or tea or cider or champagne (!) go well together. So when planning, I saw your post on tradition and only wished to mention this one to you.
        As you say, there are lots of traditions in my family and I have been writing quite a lot in my own Advent Calendar and in the Twelve Days of Christmas!
        Too much Epiphany wold lead to indigestion…
        The best way is to tell me if you would like something and you see that I can write rather easily and quickly. So, if you have a “hole” in your schedule, let me know. We keep in touch through blogs and we have each other’s e-mail. Perfect! 🙂

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    1. I’ll gladly have you over for Rosenmontag 🙂 And if you wish to be part of my advent calendar this year (I guess that I’ll have to do one again) I will hopefully remember to get in touch with you. I did share the German Christmas I celebrate on the 24th of December 2015. It will be fun seeing how close or how different they are. 🙂

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      1. I’d really start on Altweiber, the Thursday before Rosenmontag. 😉 I love it when none of the men dare to come into an office full of women 😀
        Rosenmontag is Feb 8 this year. Incredibly early, if you ask me.

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        1. It’s your call, maybe two posts? Or one mentioning both traditions. I remember how a girl cut the tie of the schools principal, what fun that was 🙂

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