Rare repairs – Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 7 – Funny Or Strange Signs

This weekend, my family and I went on a very long walk in Paris, it was our thanksgiving walk. We went to republic and made our way through the sights of flowers and candles by the Bataclan. It was definitely strange, and difficult to grasp (I will probably write about it towards he end of December).

But the heart wrenching part of our walk was only limited in time. I discovered many streets that I had never been in before. There was a tiny café with only two tables, even though it was tiny it was inviting.

One of the things that captured my attention was a little sign advertising a repair service for umbrellas and ombrelles. What a great service in a world where umbrellas litter bins after each windy rain.


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10 thoughts on “Rare repairs – Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 7 – Funny Or Strange Signs

  1. I’m sure it was a bittersweet walk. I love this business of umbrelllas repair. I cannot remember of any when I lived in Paris. It would have been great since I broke so many, bumping into some obnoxious people or simply fighting against gusts of wind, so frequent during Parisian winters. I’m looking forward to reading more about your post Thanksgiving walk.

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    1. It was tough on the mind, luckily not all of the walk was gloomy. It was a beautiful day too, with no need for umbrellas. I’ll write it soon and post it after Christmas I think (now with your comment I really have to do it).
      I have an umbrella that I absolutely cherish, and guess that some people are willing to pay to have their beloved umbrella repaired.

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  2. I can understand your feelings around walking through Paris. Looking at pictures of New York City’s Twin Towers before and after 9/11 are heart-wrenching!

    I do laugh about your umbrella sign though as once my umbrella blew inside out and dowsed me with a shower of cold water, I never carried an umbrella again. I simply wear hooded coats.

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    1. Oh that is never fun when the umbrella gives up. I used to snob umbrellas in the past, but have adopted them again.

      I recall going to ground zero at the end of 2001, it sure was strange. But now I am of an age where I can grasp these things differently.

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  3. Thanks for entering my photo challenge this week, Solveig. I’ve never heard of an umbrella repair service before, so this sign is a new one on me.

    Can I suggest you copy the link to this post and place it in the comments section of my post. That way others can then see your post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Hugh for providing the perfect challenge for me this week, I was lacking ideas, and luckily had that sign on hand. I just edited the post and included and linked it to yours, so I hope that a pinback will come through… This was a phone post, where including links is a pain…

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