What I want to say

I am staring at the blank screen, not knowing what to write. Actually not knowing how to phrase what I want to say today.

Over the last few weeks my blog has grown, not much has changed. I try to write regularly, and at the moment I post something every day as it is NanoPoblano! I always write what comes from the heart, I have a small plan that I follow, but book reviews have grown rare here, and it seems as though travel has grown in importance.


A few weeks ago I sat down and did some soul searching. I tried to figure out the answer to the question that so many people ask themselves: why am I doing what I am doing? In my case I asked myself the question: Why do I write? Where does it all come from? When did it start?  I asked myself all of this as I had been asked by Gulara to write a blog post for her new series: The Story Behind the Story.

I started to dig in my brain, for memories. I opened old boxes and took out notebooks, looked through them. Not all memories that I came across were good, some had nothing to do with writing. But going through them enabled me to make peace with some things that I had wanted to forget, that I did not accept, thus could not forget.

Since I wrote my contribution for The Story Behind the Story I have grown as a writer but also as a person. It was like a cleansing meditation. I have gained in confidence. A confidence which for me is reflected in the absence of fear from hitting that publish button on my blog. Due to this confidence I signed up for NaNoWriMo (I am behind, but I am not worried, what counts is that the book is starting to take shape) and NanoPoblano. I don’t know, but I feel like writing now comes easier to me.

Do you sense this confidence?

It seems as though confidence attracts both readers and comments. I want to thank everyone who has read or commented thus far on my blog. It really means a lot to me, and has also influenced that growing confidence.

Now, if you have come this far and before I let you go, you might want to read my guest post “Answering my True Calling”, it even includes a small story I wrote in German when I was probably 9 or 10. And then go on and linger on Gulara’s blog, she is a very inspiring blogger.

From the heart, thank you!

© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.

following the impulse

Yesterday, my daughter was asleep and S. was busy studying (= occupying the computer), something made me get up, make a whole lot of noise to extract my oil pastels from their hiding place.

I made myself confortable and let the colours flow onto the paper, I didn’t have a specific image in my head. I let my soul decide what to do. And it felt really good.


When I write, I like the words to flow, and from the feedback I have been getting recently, it seems to be a good way for me to go about it. So, yesterday, I did the same thing, just not with words, but with oil pastels. Now, I do hope that I’ll be doing more drawing and painting in the future (hey, it’s a great activity to let the mind wander, and it does not over heat the computer on hot days…)

I used to draw, paint, sculpt a lot in the past. With 15 things came to a sudden halt, as school was too demanding to concentrate on artistic activities. But now and again I dwelled in creativity. During my second year at university I did quite a bit of painting, I gave a spiderman painting to a friend, did some cute paintings of Calvin and Hobbes, and even did a “commissioned” piece. A friend of mine was in a band, and they were going to have a Tintin themed decoration at their concert, stupidly I sold my painting for 2 pounds…, but I still have a picture of it somewhere. You might know my painting of Wawel Castle. But for a few years I have been laying low, so that’s why I am happy that I didn’t think to much and just followed my heart yesterday.

When I was finished, I started to wonder, what does this drawing say about me? How would this be seen by a psychologist? Is it positive, negative, lively?

And then I had a bit of fun cropping the photo I took of my drawing. So these are all extracts of what you see above.




So what do you think? Do you like it? What stories do you see?

Do you sometimes sit down and let your heart and not your head decide? When you write, draw, paint, compose, create, do you like to shift the focus to an extract? How does that make you see your work?

Text and artwork (hosted on flickr) by Solveig Werner