Sourface – A Bigger Splash

“Cause I wanna hang the sunshine on my wall” after a year and a half of Covid these lyrics just make you smile. The new single A Bigger Splash by the Anglo-French band Surface (released on the 2nd of July 2021) does exactly that, it makes you smile and feel the sunshine seep into even the darkest places. 

A Bigger Splash starts with a crackle, a wink to the age of vinyl, which is absolutely fitting, as I would qualify this quick-paced song as “new-vintage”. There definitely is  psychedelic vibe and a nod to songs such as The Age of Aquarius and it would not be shocking  find it used in a series set in the 1970s. I see orange colours and yellow carpets, and retro furniture in my head. 

The lyrics with lines such as “silhouettes that dance like dragonflies in diagonal shapes” convey strange, yet joyous images. 

If this happy tune wasn’t enough. Sourface have spoiled us with a brilliant B-Side Moonshine. This second track is more acoustic than A Bigger Splash. It is a very relaxing tune, which reminds me of Kings of Convenience. The base plays a predominant part without being overly present. The vocals are just perfect, the singer’s voice is very soothing and the choir parts are absolutely beautiful.

Do give Sourface a listen! If you prefer songs sung in French you are in luck Entre Inconnus and Déjà la veille are amazing tracks with French vocals. 

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Disclaimer: Alex of Sourface is my cousin, but I promise that this is an unbiased review. 

End note: I am a bit rusty, when it comes to music reviews, but as this was an everyday activity for a few years, I shall be back on track very quickly. 

by Solveig Werner 2021

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