Sourface at Les Disquaires 14/10/2021

The band was drenched in sweat and the crowd could just not get enough!

On the 14th of October 2021 Sourface (pronounced sour face), a Franco-British band from London played a vibrant gig in the Parisian venue Les Disquaires.

I have been to many, many (maybe too many) concert, but never to one with 2 encores! Here, one was planned on the setlist and the other one was requested by the hardcore fans. Thus the Cathy tune of Sweet Dreams Suburbia was performed twice!

Around 80 Tickets were sold in advance and many more were sold at the door. To tell you simply: The venue was packed! Something we definitely are no longer used to, since March 2020. And something that did not happened at all the gigs I reviewed in the past.

The concert was opened by a diabolic preacher, who called upon the dark forces and summoned the band onto the stage, after having left me at the door to control the tickets and sell entries to those, who decided on a whim that they should attend a concert that night.

The crowd was a good mixture of hardcore fans, those who had been told by friends to come or were just in the mood for some live music. There were those like my dad and myself, who come to genuinely discover and support my cousin Alexandre (our grandmother’s are the real cousins). Tell you what, I was blown away! (this is an unbiased review, if I like your music, then I like your music).

The concert was in two parts with an interlude. Two unsuspecting spectators were brought onto the stage by the dark preacher to play percussion (including a vibra slap – any CAKE fans out there?) to once more call upon the tenebrous forces and bring the band back after the break. 

By the time the second set came to the end everyone in the room had matured into a real fan. From the stage the view must have been spectacular. Everyone without exception was swaying with thee tunes, smiling like kids opening their long awaited Christmas present, singing along like football fans when their team is winning. A girl, not very far from the stage broke into tears at the end of the concert. It was as if her heart was breaking at the though of the show ending.

But it isn’t over! It is only getting started! Sourface are at the beginning of their music careers. Young, fresh, kind and definitely talented they have a bright future in front of them. Today, they already have a very respective catalogue and their latest release A Bigger Splash is not going to be their last.

If you re in for some (very eclectic) live music, then you should attend one, two, three or even more of their concerts. Just be warned in the UK the tickets sell like cotton candy at the summer fair.

© Solveig Werner 2021


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