Let’s meet where the kids play!

If we were having coffee today then I’d propose that you’d join little one and myself at the playground near my home. I hope you are well prepared, sunscreen, sunglasses, maybe a hat. If you don’t mind we are drinking water lots of that. I would suddenly produce some fresh fruit, nectarines and flat peaches (donut peaches) and would listen to you pour out your heart.

If we were together in the playground, then we’d try desperately to find shade after being present for less than 5 minutes. We would gratefully congratulate ourselves on the forethought of bringing water along.

It has been an amazing beautiful week, wait at the beginning of this week I said that I am sick of it being wintery… Now for the past 3 or 4 days the sun has been roasting and I have caught a slight burn, I had no idea that it was so nice out that day…

This week I have made various friends. I made the acquaintance of two lovely moms and their kids. With one I already had a play date. Just the heat kept the kiddos from playing. On Thursday I met some very lovely Australians. I have been playing tour guide without giving a tour but by providing useful information. Where can an affordable and authentic market be found? A good café? I am loving it and think that these little tips that I love sharing shall trickle into my blog here and there. What do you think? I am after all a foreigner in Paris who has become very local.

This morning I thought that I should send a text to a former colleague of mine, she had lend me stuff for when little one was all well tiny and the things are taking up space in my magic storage closet. She called me! We haven’t talked in about 2 years I think. Turns out I could not have reached her as her number has changed. If that was not enough with the coincidences. I bumped into my new Australian friends this very morning while we were outside stocking up on fresh produce.

Something seems to have changed with me. I have always been a smiler. But this week I regained my happiness. Actually I think that I have reached a state of bliss that I have not been in for many many years. I feel confident. Of course I think of my mother, but it does not break me to pieces every time. You’d have to clue me together every two hours then…

So if we were having water outside (I am still inside as little one is sleeping). I’d tell you about my holidays to the south of France, maybe I would show you some lovely pictures. Like the one below.

Poppies and clouds

If we were having coffee then I would tell you that at the moment I want no more bad news. Since the Paris attacks in November, followed by my mother’s death, things have been too bleak. I am appalled by the violence and state of terror that is quite present in various places around the globe.

Diana asked in her post to mention writers/bloggers of colour. I thought of SD Marschhausen, who like myself seems to have taken a leave of absence from the blog sphere. Then I did think of Lisa, who was already mentioned by Diana. One of my guest for the Advent Calendar, is Beaton, a blogger from Zimbabwe.

On this note I would like to wish you a very beautiful weekend. Don’t let me keep you from enjoying the city’s sights.

Hugs, Solveig

14 thoughts on “Let’s meet where the kids play!

  1. “But this week I regained my happiness.” Great news! It sounds like you’ve been spending a lot of time with different people, which I guess if you’re in a major city that’s what you do – I’m sure those people help with your attitude 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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      1. For the most part Ive been as happy over the last year or so as I’ve been my adult life. I’m glad that’s true with you, particularly since you’ve been through so much in the last year.


  2. We have spend a lot of money and resouces to keep out terrorist. All they need to do is wait we have our home terrorists. Glad you have time to help strangers and it brings a smile.


  3. Great to hear! I’m glad you’re in a happier state of mind. Love the photo – threatening clouds always seem to look darker in my photos. 🙂


  4. Solveig, Great to hear you’re feeling so great at the moment. Sounds like sun, getting outdoors, meeting people and being able to help those Australians have a great experience of Paris, would all help with that. I haven’t lost a parent but we did have our siege in Sydney and there’s been an extended court investigation and that asks as a reminder. I used to work with one of the hostages and knew her quite well at the time. She apparently has quite severe PTSD, which is to be expected.
    Hope the upbeat keeps going.
    xx Rowena


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