N is for Nine #AtoZChallenge

N is for Nine

I am a 9, a 36/9 to be exact. On top of that I am in year 9, thus closing a cycle.

About a year ago I picked up my mom’s copy of Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born to Live (in German). Since then I have looked at it more than once. I have not read the whole book, but I have looked at passages. Mostly skimming through for interesting information, I had conversation with S, which lead him to take the decision to enrol in a course last year and finally pursue his passion.

Back then I did read a bit about my own number or numbers but never in depth. I did that after my mother died, maybe to take my mind off things, but also to find my path, just like I am using this year’s A to Z Challenge to figure out where I want to go next. 

When I looked at the characteristics of a number 9 (Integrity), there were so many things that corresponded. I have to listen to my heart and not my head, thus the theme of Authenticity. Apparently nines are always an example, so they have to behave, as parents we are all examples, but I remember my cousin copying my mismatching socks, or the girl I babysat who suddenly wanted to be a vegetarian. When her mom asked why, it was because of me… I have learnt that I have to follow my inspiration, and not the opinion of others.

But I also looked at my whole number the 36/9 (Expression, Vision and Integrity). Reading that has definitely been an eye-opener for me, there are so many things that correspond. It is so true that I can’t deal well with criticism, that I am often demotivated before I even start, I want to please all the time… I search for who I am. Then apparently I have a spiritual side, seen what my mother has told me about how I was a kid, and how I feel things, this corresponds. I can understand and learn anything, which is reassuring seen my learn post the other day, but I have my doubts as sociology was not my cup of tea. And what is reassuring, I will always have enough money (unless I want more than I have), I surely hope so!

My notes are not complete (thus I am taking the book out of the bookshelf), there are the professional directions in which people with my number tend to go, luckily for me writing and teaching are listed, as is acting, something that I have always enjoyed and should probably take up again in the future.

Finally I am also in year nine until the day before my birthday, it is a year of reflection upon what has happened in the years before. Then I will start a new cycle, with year one, in which it is time to start new things, be creative! I am also ending my first independent cycle (the first one in which I did not live at home, I was for a big part of it dependent on my parents financially). This cycle started with my first year of University, which definitely is a new beginning.

Whatever will happen in the next cycle, I hope that it will be positive, and I hope that many of you, my dear readers will be there to accompany me.

Naughty Nathan nudges Nina’s neck in northern Norway. 

During the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge, my theme is authenticity and eclecticism, which in my book go hand in hand.

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6 thoughts on “N is for Nine #AtoZChallenge

  1. Fascinating post, Solveig. Numbers hold a lot of power and there are many systems. I loved learning more about you through numbers and notes.


  2. Solveig, I don’t have all the numbers you have but I too am a 9. I LOVE volunteering, I enjoy being a people pleaser, I am social and love creativity. Sadly, I didn’t learn to go in my own direction, as I followed my parents demands… bad mistake! I am independent and hate being cooped up in an office. I love to bounce between activities. It is interesting meeting another 9. Thanks for your post.


  3. Solveig, it was a fascinating read but I could feel strong internal resistance. I don’t know much about numerology, probably also as I am not a numbers person. That said, I do believe in serendipity and things being meant to be…or NOT! xx Rowena


  4. Hi Solveig! Enjoyed your post, dont know if it is resistance, might be, but I did feel you are looking for yourself, doubts as it says in the book. I am also a 36/9, loads of doubts…I am 41, now thought…I am much more aware of what my mind tells me and what I am looking for really, however find it difficult to appreciate my real value! There are so many things to take into account in life and this is the point, better listening to our intuition (higher laws, what feels right, inspiring, generous… to you) and following it! Especially since the world is in a transition time! Everything that sounds negative in your mind is your ego, evrything that sounds inspiring, even if scary, too big, not doable…you should go for and believe in! Is that exciting! This is the only post I have read of you so I am not sure how old you are, really it doesn’t matter, just go for your heart. I am sending you loads of good waves. Go Solveig! ;))


  5. Could you elaborate on “I will always have enough money”? I am 9 and it seems like I am always struggling with finances. I am broke very often and can’t hold jobs for long. 😦


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