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O is for Orange

Her hair was orange – a short story

Her hair was orange.

He could remember her carrot, or was it security vest orange, hair like as if it was yesterday that he saw her.  In reality, it had been a few years since he first and last saw her on that subway, a time that seemed like centuries ago. 

He had been on his way to a job interview, completely stressed and fearing the likelihood of arriving too late, his eyes suddenly fell onto her. She had blazing orange hair, a colour most people would consider a hair-dying accident. She was with a man her age, a brother? A friend? A cousin? A stranger? A boyfriend or even worse husband? He hoped that it wasn’t one of the last two options, that she was there to be his.

The buzzer sounded when he finally realised that it was his stop, he jumped off the train at the last second,but turned around. His eyes locked with hers for a moment and their souls exchanged vows of eternal love.

Even though he arrived at the interview with his lungs burning, he got the job, his worries had been wiped out by the sudden positivity.

Over the years he tried to forget the girl with the orange hair. He dated various women, had girlfriends but could not find the calm to indefinitely settle down. The memory of her, she who had orange hair kept him company. Once when he left work earlier than usual he sensed her presence not too far away. By the time he had reached where her energy must have come from she had vanished.

Depressed, not knowing what he wanted next, or not admitting what he really wanted next in life. He finally left work on Friday evening. Took the subway, the very line, which always made him remember, which always made his soul ache for her.

Sulking over his smartphone he didn’t realise how the aura around him changed.

“Hello” a sweet voice jerked him out of his time killing game.

He looked up, her hair was orange.

Once Olga the ogress ordered olives an old and obnoxious ogre, Orhan opened one object.

During the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge, my theme is authenticity and eclecticism, which in my book go hand in hand.

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