Doors in Antwerp, Belgium

At the end of January and beginning of February, I spend a rather rainy and windy weekend in Antwerp, Belgium. Due my recent blogging break, I did not write anything special about this weekend trip, the truth be told it was not a very eventful trip, the rain did keep me from exploring most of the city.

With Thursday Doors in mind, a linkup in which I had never participated in, I snapped some pictures of doors which I walked past or through. As the linkup celebrates it’s one year anniversary this week, well I did have to join in, didn’t I?

Door in Antwerp

This first door can be found in one of the nicer streets in Antwerp. It is quite majestic, but is in desperate need of a renovation, seen the area where it is, that will most lies happen sooner or later. Maybe the wood is naked, waiting for a new coat of paint?

Citadel, Antwerp

By the water, an old citadel can be found, we passed through this archway on our walk. I do wonder who else did go through it in the past…

Cathedral of our Lady, Antwerp

And finally, a very impressive door of the Cathedral of our Lady. It was a huge door! As there are primary school kids on a field trip in front of it, it seems even bigger. I would have liked to get a shot of the door without anyone, but that was not possible, even though the day was windy and the city seemed to be mostly lifeless.

Have you seen any great doors recently? Have you travelled to Antwerp? Isn’t it strange how the weather changes our perception of things?

This post is part of the weekly linkup Thursday Doors hosted by Norm 2.0

My heart goes out to Belgium!

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “Doors in Antwerp, Belgium

    1. Thank you Judith, I did not visit Rubens home, but I did walk past. Sadly when I was there it was two very rainy days and then the only day that was ok weather wise was a Monday, but on Mondays museums are closed… I did enjoy the Sunday market really close to Rubens home though.


  1. Welcome Solveig – so glad you decided to join in this week! Some very impressive choices – I love the weathered look of that first one and the entranceway of that Cathedral…wow.

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  2. A nice homage to Belgium in the midst of these last dark days. I’ve been to Bruxelles and Bruges several times and drove through the country to get North, but I never stopped in Antwerpt. Lovely shots, Solveig.

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    1. Thank you Evelyne. When I was in Antwerp I was impressed by the security measures every where, the main streets were kept safe by military, who did not drive around in simple cars like in France but in real military trucks… This made the events in Bruxelles even more unbelievable for me. I guess visual safety is sadly not everything.
      For Antwerp, my advice is to have good weather, but that one cannot really control.

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  3. Your doors are incredible. I loved your post as I love the history of Europe. I sure hope you are safe. I am saddened to hear of another bombing. I wish this hatred would stop!


  4. Glad you’ve joined us on this anniversary and brought along your lovely shots. I especially like the first one. Such a sad time in Belgium and so many other places around the world now (Pakistan today). I can’t imagine being filled with so much hatred that I would want to kill myself and as many others as possible.



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