If we were having coffee – 26 March 2016

If we were having coffee, then you would find me listening to Regina Spekor, so many of her songs have me in awe, but seen recent developments in my life, I really enjoy the song How (I am linking you to the youtube video) just listen to this beautiful lyrics…

Solveig's MugIf we were having coffee, then I would as always have no coffee to propose to you. Would you like a hot chocolate or a tea instead? And help yourself to the fruit you might like, grapes, strawberries, giant pomegranates, oranges, bananas, apples, kiwi, mango, passion fruits or pears? Yes, I guess we are fruit fanatics. I also have some good baguette left over from this morning with Schokonuss (a hazelnut spread from Germany, which is almost 50% hazelnut), a heavenly treat, or with raw butter, both are lovely treats. I also have a lot of cookies and little cakes as my mother in law send us a care parcel from the south of France, her bakery does a lot of tasty things. If you are looking for easter Chocolates, well then you’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

If we were having coffee, now that the food and drinks are all sorted out, I’d ask about your week, how have you been doing? Are you all set for the A to Z Challenge? Are you joining? You should! You know last year, I joined last minute and I me a lot of people, who in turn helped me meet a lot more. If you are generally on the lookout for events you might like these two posts that I did ages ago. One is about weekly events, and includes our beloved coffee share, the other is about events that are rarer than weekly, and include #1000speak and the A to Z Challenge. Maybe one day I’ll do a part three, I am sure that in this 2nd year of blogging, more events will appear and I will discover more.

So as we are already talking about the A to Z Challenge, I’d tell you that I have picked authenticity as my theme for this year, inspired by Gulara, who was actually my guest on Monday, with a lovely post about Novruz, a Spring festival in Azerbaijan. If you have a few minutes to spare, do please check out her guest post. And if you have even more time, why not have a look at my new page dedicated to my guests?

If we were having coffee, I’d probably tell you about work, how I had been working a bit more recently, but how things are quieting down a bit again, due to my students’ own timetables (like (last minute) vacations for the easter weekend). I really enjoy working with adults, but when they have a busy work schedule, it means that we sometimes only see one another every 2 to 3 weeks and not weekly. I have finally put up a page on my blog advertising my teaching services, but for now it is only in French, the English page will be up soonish. That does not mean that I do not accept requests for skype German lessons (or in person if you are in Paris of course).

Do you have any work related projects going on? What are your plans for Easter? Do you celebrate Easter? We’ll be doing at least one egg hunt for little one tomorrow, but seen that we are having breakfast with my dad she’ll probably get two Easter Bunny visits. Maybe once it’s the Easter Bunny and the other it’s the Easter Bells? That way at least she’ll be acquainted with the two traditions of her parents. For tomorrow I really want to write an Easter post, but of course it is not written yet… Tonight, once the young lady is asleep I will proceed to decorating with our beautiful eggs, for now all I have are the branches that I will be attaching the eggs on. I am already looking forward to the egg painting sessions I will be having in the years to come.

If we were having coffee, then I would of course love to continue with my rambles, but as this post will be over 700 words, I’ll let you go for now, after all there are all of the other coffee posts to read. It’s a weekly event hosted by Diana over at Part-Time Monster.

Enjoy your weekend!

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – 26 March 2016

  1. Your hazel nut spread sound delicious! We are having our annual Easter dinner here tomorrow and are welcoming 25 friends and family members. It’s a lot of work but I feel so blessed to have such a close family and such wonderful people to celebrate with. I am unfamiliar with “Easter Bells”. I hope that you will tell us more in your post tomorrow. Have fun coloring eggs!


    1. It definitely is delicious, and it’s organic too, for any lovers of nutela out there, it’s so much better…
      Traditionally in France there is no Easter bunny, it’s the Church bells that when they are ringing on Easter Sunday hide the eggs. Maybe the pagan touch was less strong here… So you can buy chocolate bells as well. Actually the main Easter chocolates in France are fish and seashells and a few bells, which have been joined by eggs and bunnies (thanks to Lindt I think). We’ll colour eggs next year, when I will hopefully have the time for a DIY hard boiled egg tainting post…

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  2. I agree with Nancy (above) – the Schokonuss sounds utterly marvelous. In fact, in reading about the food and drinks you’re offering, I would say you really know how to enjoy all the good things in life. 🙂


  3. I’m with everyone else on the hazelnut spread and the fruit sounds simply scrumptious. Not much going on over here. I am officially doing the A-Z Challenge this year. I actually signed up several weeks ago for it. I am also pondering whether or not to do Easter baskets for the boys. The Easter Bunny thinks I should. I am at an impasse with my new book, stuck on this section, like really stuck. Been working in the garden, had our trees trimmed back. Everything looks so tidy. I am glad you are doing well.


  4. I remember foundly of the time my sister and brother decorate our eggs. We each had a dozen eggs to color and eat. May that why I don’t like hardboiled eggs.


  5. If I lived closer, I would run right over for coffee as it sounds delicious! I have been without a computer for a week, so I’m trying to get caught up. I wasn’t able to declare my subject for the A to Z Challenge as my computer was gone, I will try to keep my subject on Caregiving, but we may end up moving in April, so I PRAY that I can complete the challenger. I hope you have a lovely and Happy Easter.


  6. I have a couple of weekly’s for you 🙂
    I do a weekly Meme Monday which is generally a meme picture with a word or quote which grabbed my attention.
    I also do Throwback Thursdays which was started by Part Time Monster (I think). Neither are at the address you see with my name. Instead, they are at https://lilathisnalilofthat.wordpress.com/ if you want to take a peek.
    Oh, I was also doing Weekly Happy Posts long before I discovered Trent’s Weekly Smile, lol.


  7. The Schokonuss sounds scrumptious, and I am a fan of fruit, too. It has been many years since I’ve colored eggs. Maybe next year I will do so just for the fun of it. The Regina Spektor song is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂


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