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Today, is the 20th of February 2016. Today, I am 27 and a half years old. Today, my blog is 345 days old. Today, my daughter is 2 years, one week and 6 days old. Today, the 1000 voices speak for compassion mouvement, #1000Speak is one year old! Now, that is a real reason to celebrate, because half years are no longer celebrated once you no longer a a toddler.

Over the past year, I only participated twice in the #1000Speak for Compassion mouvement. I wrote about the topics of gratitude and forgiveness. Even though I only joined in twice, I read many many posts that other bloggers wrote on the topics of compassion, listening, love, forgiveness, gratitude … One of the first times that I came across the mouvement, was during the A to Z Challenge, the blog in question has been retired, so can not even check what this very first #1000Speak post that I read was about.

Over the past year, I go to know people better through their very private and personal posts. In November 2015, Rowena wrote about her medical condition in this very touching post entitled Wisdom of Gratitude?, now 3 months later I still regularly think back to her strength in such a moment of weakness.  I felt lost for words, but made an effort to send some hugs Rowena’s way:

Wow, I am completely moved by your piece. I had no idea that you were suffering from such a rare and difficult illness. I am glad that your kids can enjoy you fully, I do suppose that you do make sure to live every moment with them to the fullest.
I do wish you a long and as healthy as possible life with as little suffering as possible.
Hugs, Solveig

Many times I did not comment on posts, often I think I was too moved, I did not know what to say. The posts where it was hardest to say something where those that have stayed with me the longest.

In August 2015, I read about listening, I recall Geoff’s post An Ear to the Future, I did not feel ready then to participate in the linkup, I was more ready to read other’s posts and find out more about how to listen correctly. Listening is something so important, that we often do not do correctly. Reading in a way is a for of listening, just that we cannot interrupt and stop listening to the person talking to us, ok we can stop reading.

It took me a long time to take the leap and join the linkup myself. I felt insecure. Would I be saying something wrong? Would I write something politically incorrect? Would I be off topic? Am I really capable of writing about compassion? Riddled by doubt, I did not dare sit in front of the computer, or pick up my pen and write some things into my notebook. Even though the post by Trent about love, The Elusive, dealt with the trouble of not finding the right words, not exactly knowing what to write, and perfectly reflecting what kept me from joining in with my own post, I still did not join.

For a long time I was not ready.

In November I had the chance to do a guest post for the series The Story Behind the Story, I dove into my past and shone light on the reasons that lead me to write, out came the post Answering My True Calling, which I still feel today, helped me grow as a blogger, a writer, a person. Shortly afterwards, with my newly acquired confidence, but also the tragic events that had happened in Paris, and the compassion I was showered with after writing about the terrorist attacks, I wrote about gratitude for #1000Speak. It was a necessity.

If you are still hesitating about joining the mouvement for compassion, then stop hesitating and join! I have not blogged in a while, various reasons have kept me away from my computer screen. Some are as simple as lacking time due to work and having family visiting, others are more serious.

Today, I want to regain my confidence in my capacities as a writer and make my blog live again! I might be slow with replying to comments in the days and weeks to come, but know that I am there, smiling about every positive comment that I receive. Today, I am taking my head back out of the sand and am starting to blog again.

Today, I am going to join #1000Speak to tell you how grateful I am that this amazing community exists. Today, I feel that this event can help me regain my confidence and become a blogger. Today, I am going to let you know that even though I started this post in my notebook, I never looked at what I wrote inside that little black book, I started this post from scratch, it is rough, probably riddled with mistakes. But today, I just want to write again. Today, I want to thank you for reading.

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.