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If we were having coffee, then we would be having a nice cup of tea. It’s your pick, there is so much tea to chose from. We would be listening to some music, as little one loves listening to music. At the moment we are enjoying the album Declaration of Dependence by Kings of Convenience. Would you like a nice crêpe? I have some homemade ones left from breakfast.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you how you are doing. So how are you? Then we’d talk about our respective plans for the weekend and the week to come. What are your plans my dear friend? We’d most likely have chat about what happened since you last joined me for coffee tea. Did you have a good week? Did you do anything out of the ordinary?

If we were having coffee, then I’d let you know that I have been slacking a bit when it comes to my blog. Did you notice? I missed a total of 3 days. I am not too happy with that, I like being a daily blogger. I do of course have excuses for each missed day, but still. I missed Sunday due to my daughter being sick, Wednesday  because I had to call Amazon as there was a problem with a parcel (it was in shreds), my writing time was gobbled up by that as I was quite busy in the rest of the day, and Friday because I concentrated on my accounting and had a non cooperative toddler. This past week, the most beautiful sunshine did twice turn out to be a trick to lure us outside. Twice we were rained on, and at both times there was hail too. I spent some quality time with my mother, as well as a little bit of time with my sister who is in Paris until tomorrow.

I am still in a bit of an aftershock regarding the fire from last week. I found a video on the twitter account of the fire brigade, it was not pretty… One of my neighbours told me that there could have been an explosion of a fuel tank, if they would have arrived an hour later, now if it is true or a rumour, I don’t really know. It was one of my neighbours who had called the fire brigade, I guess the fire must have been going on for a while at that point already. I am so grateful that the Parisian firemen are very very professional, they are actually part of the army, and the largest fire brigade in Europe (thanks wikipedia 😉).

This week I had the possibility to work a bit more than usually, I prepared a very nice young lady for a telephone interview in German, I do hope that it did help her confidence. Besides that I have had major cuddle-alarm. Since my daughter’s cold she has been in a need for hugs all day, every day.

ripped parcel Oh yes, I received a belated Christmas gift from S this week. It was a book we ordered on amazon and which arrived in a poor state (the parcel was ripped to shreds and the book a bit crumpled). It’s My Father and Other Liars by Geoff Le Pard, a fellow blogger, who was a guest for my advent calendar on the 21st of December 2015. I had the amazon customer service call me, and I must say that they were very understanding of the problem and reimbursed me straight away. I am not too happy with the postal service though… I am really looking forward this read and will most likely write a review.

Have you read anything good lately? Anything you can recommend?

I hope that you’ll have a great weekend. Are you joining the #weekendcoffeeshare too with a post of yours? Then add it to the linky on Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster, that’s also the place where you can find all of our post at a glance  (currently her post is not up yet).

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