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Opening the first door

As far back as my memory reaches, there has been a nice Advent Calendar to make the wait before Christmas more bearable. When I was very young, my grandmother was the person who filled up the little bags of the handcrafted advent calendar, that had been used by her children in the past. We still make use of that very Advent Calendar today.

Normally I would excitedly open the first bag, the one with the 1 written on it with golden paint to discover a sweet surprise. Most years I would receive sweets, with there being bulging bags for the 6th (Saint Nikolaus Day) and the 24th. I remember that one year I would receive pieces of a necklace that I would have to string up afterwards. I once received a little hand made doll asleep in a matchbox converted into a cozy bed, it was my Christkind (I’ll be sharing more on the Christkind on the 24th).

Eventually my mother took over the job of filling our Advent Calendar. One year, she innovated and hung up a lot of little packages in the entry of our apartment. There were not only sweets, no she had applied herself in such a way that at times there was a handwritten Christmas story, something that will be rather present in the three weeks to come on this blog, just not handwritten. I had a calendar with little pictures of bears and a story, a gift from my great grandmother. Opening the little stories, every day was filled with magic.

I remember the chocolate Advent Calendars you can buy in supermarkets, which are often given to kids. My best friend would actually split her chocolate with me when I was over to visit, and we were about 5 or 6 at the time. The content of most calendars did not matter, opening a new bag, a new door just meant we were coming closer to Christmas.

My mother even send me a handcrafted Advent Calendar to me when I was studying far from home. And I even made a calendar of just drawings for S. during our first advent, I gifted him with a new drawing every day.

There are also many books out there that are set up as an advent calendar, a chapter per day. They are so much fun for kids and for the adult who reads them. My sister and I would listen to the same book every year, it was a nice tradition to have.

So today, I want to welcome you my dear reader to a blog based Advent Calendar. There will be guest posts from various bloggers, sharing stories, memories, traditions… I hope that you’ll enjoy these 24 stories and that they’ll sweeten your wait for Christmas without being a danger to your teeth.

Do you have an Advent Calendar? Did you receive Advent Calendars as a Child? What is your fondest memory of Advent?

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