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National Blog Posting Month, NanoPoblano, NaBloPoMo, 2015There are many ways you can make a blogger happy. Maybe you have a friend or family member who blogs. It is not necessary that you blog yourself to make another blogger happy.

  1. Follow their blog, no need to join a blogging platform to do that,all of the people who follow my blog by email are actually people I know physically.
  2. Share a blog post on your social media, via email, tell your friends by word of mouth about that great blog you discovered.
  3. Comment on a blog post, many blogs allow you to comment without being part of a blogging platform. All you need to comment on my blog is a name, an email, and a comment.
  4. Talk to the blogger about the post you read and enjoyed, my mom did this recently, what fun! It’s like a comment but not written 🙂
  5. Rummage through a blog’s archive, bloggers like to check their stats and will be wondering who is giving them a little spike in views. 
  6. If you are part of WordPress, then hit the like button on the posts you like.
  7. If you have a blog, mention another blogger, a post of theirs in your post.
  8. If you have a blog, have a blogger do a guest post. Some people will never reply to a call to participate, but you can always send them a message to invite them. I am sure they’ll be flattered!
  9. Be honest! If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it though.
  10. Give virtual hugs to bloggers who have a heavy heart due to events in their lives, cheer them up! If a blogger has grown quiet, check on them and see if everything is alright. 

That’s just a list of ten things. How do you make bloggers happy? If you have a blog what does make you happy?

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