If we were having coffee, I’d offer you a glass of water, it is quite warm here, so I am sure you’ll enjoy it. I’d tell you that once again I am a bit short on time for this post, but then writing posts quickly is turning into a sport.

I have had quite a nice week. On Tuesday we went out to dinner with my dad to Schwart’s Deli. Little one was the only Kid around, and she was so nice, I think she got some hormones working, as usual. Work wise I have had a few ore lessons to teach, which is always great. Last weekend I asked you if I should take Sunday off or not, well I decided against working and had a nice family day. The weather has been a bit strange over the last few days, lots of rain and the occasional hail. But now, as I am waiting for my second student of the day to arrive, it is of course beautiful and warm outside. But do not worry, before I sat down for this glass of water with you, I made sure to go to the park and enjoy the amazing day.

This week I wasn’t the most active blogger out there, I guess that I was too busy reading the book From Cornflakes to Eternity by S.D. Gates, which I reviewed Friday, and well my muse wasn’t with me as much as I would have liked. Still on Thursday I tried myself at writing some timed flash fiction, so not just the length but also the time was a bit of a flash. I gave myself 10 minutes of time, and I am quite satisfied with the outcome.

Monday is a public holiday, Pentecost, so that means that I’ll be working, because school is out. Many people will be working on Monday as it is solitary week, meaning that employees go to work on a holiday and do not get payed for it, their salary is used to make sure that places such as hospitals and retirement homes are staffed correctly during the hot months.

In the week to come, I will try to get a bit more blogging and visiting done, because I will most likely be away in an internet free world for the first 10 days of June…

I would of course ask you how your week has been, if you have any plans for the weekend. And then I would invite you to join me to go over to Diana’s blog Part Time Monster and check out the other coffee shares.

Have a great weekend and week, Solveig