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6 year old Allie sees her lifeless body in a hospital before moving on into the afterworld. But her stay there is only brief, invested with a mission the child ghost is sent back to the paediatric hospital where she has just died.

In the book From Cornflakes to Eternity S.D. Gates tells the story of three kid ghosts that roam through a hospital for sick children. All three of them are from families (abusive, loving, neglecting) and socio-economic backgrounds that could not have been more varied. Allie is sent back from “the nice place” or what we might call paradise, to help Vicky and Jose leave the world of the living behind.

What might sound creepy at first, isn’t at all. These three kid ghosts are nice, most patients in the hospital can see them, as children can see other things than adults. Vicky and Jose who have been in the hospital for quite some time when Allie arrives have taken the habit of visiting patients, they are reassuring spirits for children who are themselves close to death. Or they like playing tricks on bad parents, to teach them a lesson.

Still something is not right in the hospital, most people who sense their presence do not mind the little ghosts, there is a demon lurking in the corridors. A foul smelling demon who will do anything to disturb the peace and to keep the three ghosts from travelling to “the nice place”.

This book makes one think about our every day use of electronic devices. Makes one wonder if we are present enough, if we are doing the right thing. Many habits of the adult world are criticised. Questions that arise are: Am I there enough for my family/my kids? Am I true to myself or do I only care about appearance? Am I nice to others? Are my eyes constantly and too much glued to my phone? What can I do to make most of my life?

S.D. Gates has put a lot of research into this book, and her medical background can be sensed, which helps make the paranormal aspects even more believable. Personally I really enjoyed this book, and can only recommend it. And if ghost stories are not your thing, then read it anyways. These are nice ghosts and won’t come and haunt you, except of course if you are a bad person. The only time when I felt a bit uneasy was when the reader finds out how Vicky died.

Book review and recommendation by Solveig Werner about From Cornflakes to Eternity by S.D. Gates, 2014

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S.D. Gates’ blog – please do check it out, her writing is great and might give you a glimpse of what you can expect in the book.